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a day in the life of a 22 y/o single college female

Sunday, 23 November 2003

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Instant Message of the Day: marcusohio (10:30:33 PM): ill tell you my pathology if you tell me yours ......

Quote of the Day: "Yeah but it was full of love & tasted great"- Michael

Misinterpreted Lyric of the Day: She'd hurt my penis if I had one
(She hurts my feelings like I had none)

Sex Quote of the Day: When a man goes on a date, he wonders if he is going to get lucky. A woman already knows.

- Frederike Ryder

Random Day News:

Posted by journal2/22fsingleandlovinit at 7:09 PM EST
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A Brief Summary
I came to college not knowing anyone- I wanted a fresh start in a new town where no one knew my past, my name, my story. I moved into my dorm freshman year, not knowing my roommate. We met & immediately hit it off. She was from a small redneck town, and I was from middleclass suburbia. We had nothing & everything in common. We partied every weekend, & we partied hard. It was always fun to hear stories the next day of what had transpired the night before. Apparently one night in August I had decided to make "snow angels" in the flower bed infront of one of the apartment complexes owned by the school. On another occasion, I had wondered out of my buddy's apartment, crossed 4 lanes of traffic, and was running aimlessly around a field in the city. When confronted, I explained that I had been "chasing a deer that was big enough to ride home on". My roommate was a lush as well, one night she came into the room with regurged chunks all over her face. As she walked in the room she said "I didn't puke, I just had chunky spit".

I made the big mistake of introducing my roommate to a girl down the hall that I had known from years before. It was wierd actually, the girl down the hall & I had gone to school together in junior high but then she had moved away in high school & I had lost all communication with her. Years later, at a floor meeting at our college, I heard my name being called, I turned around and there she was- what were the odds (same college, same dorm, same floor of a 16 story dorm). As the year progressed, I, being the social butterfly, began to attend parties without my roommate. We grew further apart, and she & the girl down the hall grew closer together. The 3 of us moved in together with another random girl for our sophomore year in a suite in a different dorm. The riffs were softened at the bigging of the year, but by mid-semester we were hardly friends & by the end of the year we only tolerated eachother. Secrets were being kept, lies being told. We all talked behind eachothers backs & kissed ass to their faces. By the end of the year the relationship between us all was strained. Yet we all signed up to live together in an apartment the following year (junior year). My 3 roommates lived there over the summer, but I went back home to work. I recieved emails all summer about how roommate #1 hated roommate#2 and how roommate #3 did this to roommate #1. I was not looking forward to moving in, but as August arrived, I did just that. The situation was disgusting & I met a guy in class who happened to have a house. After knowing him for 3 weeks or so, I decided to move in with him.

So i packed up my stuff & moved into a house with a guy I hardly knew & his 2 male roommates. I lived there for almost the entire remainder of the school year. Things got rough between the guy from my class & I. The more I got to know him, the more I realized what a total tool he was. He was 28 dating a 19 year old girl that he met when he got icecream from Dairy Queen (she was working there). He was failing out of school & mad that I was doing so well. Ontop of that, my other roommate (who was 30, I 20) had expressed his interest in me. He was always discussing his fantasies about us hooking up and making lewd comments. One night, while I was sleeping in my bedroom, I awoke to a noise. There was my creepy old roommate masterbating while watching me sleep. Needless to say, I was beyond grossed out. I called a good friend of mine, she came the next morning, we packed up all of my shit & I moved in with her for the last 2 weeks of school.
I finished up the semester & headed home for the summer. That brings us to now. I've got my own apartment which is great. I don't have to deal with any of the drama that is "roommates". If I want company, I can call someone over, if I don't want to deal with anyone, I don't have to. It's wonderful. Now I'm well into my senior year of school, I graduate with my bachelors in May & then I'll pursue my doctorate beginning in June.

As for the boy situation...freshman year I met a guy, we'll call Mike who became obsessed with me. Literally obsessive, possessive, and all that ensues. He's been in love with me for the past 4 years, and continues to believe that we are destined to be together in the end. The extent of my social life declined dramatically during sophomore and junior year. All of my time was spent with Mike, & Mike hated all of my friends. I didn't have a car, & Mike was my ride everywhere, he provided me with food, & all the support I needed. We've had our rough times & our good times. I have lots of hatred & love for Mike. Junior year, I began to get sick of Mike controlling who I hung out with. I had always been one of those chicks who has a ton of guy friends and very few girl friends. Mike, being in love with me, naturally hated all of my guy friends & attempted to ban me from seeing them. When I did choose to hang out with my guy friends, Mike guilt tripped me to no extent. He's very manipulative & made me feel like I was betraying him. On one occasion, I decided to call up my friend Tommy from freshman year & told him I wanted to start hanging out again. Tommy & I went out a few times & I always had such a blast. After 3 or 4 weekends spread over a few months, Tommy and I decided to sleep together. It was a very awkward situation, & the morning after Tommy had to drop me off at Mike's apartment because I had left the keys to my house at Mike's the night before. I never told Mike about my sleeping with Tommy. Mike hated Tommy, & Tommy despised Mike for getting in between Tommy & my close friendship. The next weekend, my dad & step-mom came into town to celebrate my 21st birthday. Mike came with us as went bar hopping & at the final bar who shows up but Tommy. Tommy saw Mike & I at the bar together & that was enough to set him off, he confronted me outside of the bar & asked me if I had slept with Mike, I confessed that I had. Tommy stormed off, & we didn't talk for months. Tommy & I have never really recovered from that situation, we talk sporatically here & there, but it hasn't been the same as it was freshman year or before we had slept together. I think we both liked eachother & respected eachother, & neither of us were ourselves that night, & we simply didn't know how to respond to the situation. I think I really hurt Tommy that night & I still feel horrible. Mike still does not know that I slept with Tommy, he still doesn't know that I go out with guys all the time on weekends, weekdays, weeknights. I don't think he needs to know, nor wants to know. Honestly, he confessed to me that he could not bare to think of me being with someone else. The kid calls me everyday & tells me he loves me & why can't we be together. I tried explaining that we just aren't meant to be together, at least not right now. I'm young & I need to find out what's out there. Mike and I are not together & haven't been for over a year and a half, that is my choice & yet he refuses to accept that. I cannot tell him who or what I do, so I have decided to form a blog so I can express what I've been dying to say.

Last year Mike graduated and moved back home, leaving me in my senior year with little to no friends. As I was forced to live alone after 2 years of little to no contact to anyone outside of my little circle that was Mike, I began to call up old friends from freshman year. Needless to say, they were surprised to hear from me, but were more than happy to hang out with me. I also put up a personal on an online dating website to attempt to meet people my age in my area since I had moved far from campus and everyone in my major is a total dork. I met this guy Paul from Michigan & instantly liked him. He reminds me a lot of a guy that I dated for 6 months in high school. Paul & I hung out a lot the first few months of school, before things got too busy. His car busted, he attended school, did ROTC, & worked nights & weekends as a bouncer & I started working a job ontop of school. Time became limited & it became difficult for us to spend time together. One Paul called me after work at 200am & told me he really missed me & wanted to see me. It wasn't a booty call, & I missed him dearly, so I drove the hour to see him. We got really wasted & we slept together. We saw eachother a few times afterwards, but just like Tommy, it wasn't the same. I was beginning to think sex ruins friendships, but that's a poor outlook on life. I accepted the fact that Paul & I have different scheduals & it's just not the time for us. Things can't work at this point.

I met a guy a few weeks ago at a bar in town, we hit it off & began talking. We were hanging out 2-3 times a week, & all was well. Then he decided he was going to show me a really good time & take me up to a bar in Detroit. Drinks were on the house all night & I got smashed. I recieved a call from Marcus (the bouncer) the next night, who informed me that he had asked me for my number several times the night before but I refused to give it to him. When I asked how he got my number, he told me that the group of Kappa's I was hanging out with had recieved my number by some means & had given it to his boy (the bouncer). I don't remember any of this transpiring.

Things with Aaron(the guy I was with) & I were going really well until on the way home from the bar, while doing 80 on the freeway, I puked out of his window, on myself, & on his car. He became quite bitter about that, I woke up with chunks in my hair & a nasty hangover. I hadn't had trouble handling my alcohol in a long time, & as my luck would have it, that would be the time that I did. I can't imagine how unattractive I must have been after that, I woke up, drove home & Aaron & I haven't really talked since. He has called me a few times, I've tried to call him to apologize, he leaves mesasges on my instant messenger, but I can tell that has fizzled out. Like I said, I'm young, I'm single, & I'm out to have fun.

So here I am, a 22 year old single female college student & this is my blog.

Posted by journal2/22fsingleandlovinit at 1:43 AM EST
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