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Our heartfelt condolences to all who were affected by the tragedy on September 11. God be with us all.

This site is in the process of a major overhaul.

First and foremost, the original works are offline until further notice. Later, we will post teasers for the new and improved Sentinel story, as well as some original poems and short stories.

Second, the Gundam Wing fanfiction section is offline while we redo the first part. We weren't happy with it.

Third, we are in the process of writing an Inuyasha fanfiction and are also beginning a Dragonball Z fanfiction as well. These will be posted as they are completed.

Finally, a link will be added soon (hopefully) to another site-in-progress by Xalia, this one on mythology.

Please bear with us through these changes.

The ONLY thing up at the moment is the Sailormoon fanfiction. Enjoy!


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