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Pumpkin Fluff

Shared by: Lissa

1.5 Points Per Serving


I got a recipe a couple of years ago from a gal that has been my salvation for helping keep my sweet tooth at bay. It's Pumpkin Fluff! It's also great as a Pumpkin Pie replacement for WW's at the holidays if you don't want to spend points on the pie. :-)

Serving Size : 5

1 can canned pumpkin, large can -- not pie filling

1 pkg pudding mix, Jell-O SF FF instant, bscotch

1 pkg pudding mix, Jell-O SF FF instant, vanilla

2 c skim milk

pumpkin pie spice -- to taste


Mix milk and pudding with hand mixer. Add pumpkin and spice. Chill.

Makes approximately five 1-cup servings.

Per serving: 130.2 calories, 0.9g fat (0.1g saturated fat), 7g fiber

Sometimes I will also increase the milk to 3 cups. It doesn't alter the points per serving as it then yields approximately six 1-cup servings. This way you are getting 1/2 cup milk per serving which means you can not only count this as a serving of veggies (due to the pumpkin), but you can also count it as 1/2 serving of milk as well.