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Easy Baked Apple Treats

Recipe By :JoAnna M. Lund

1 Point per serving


2 cups (4 small) baking apples -- cored peeled, and sliced

1/4 cup Cary's Sugar Free Maple Syrup

1 tablespoon (1/4 ounce) chopped pecans


An apple a day--well, we all know what they say about apples and staying healthy, don't we? But when you slice the apples, drench them in maple syrup, and add a few pecans, you create a taste treat that'll inspire anyone who tastes it to live healthy for a lifetime!

1. Arrange apple slices in an 8-by-8 inch glass microwaveable baking dish. Drizzle maple syrup over apples. Evenly sprinkle pecans over top. Cover and microwave on HIGH (100% power) for 3 to 4 minutes. Serve warm. Serves 4 (1/2 Cup).

MaryD's Notes: I found almost an identical recipe that said it could be baked at 350 for 20 minutes if you wanted to use your oven). She also used Gala Apples and syrup with NutraSweet.

Servings: 4

Serving size (1/2 cup)

According to the cookbook: Per serving: 53 Cal, 1g Fat, 0g Pro, 11g Carb, 20mg Sod, 1g Fib

Healthy Exchanges: 1 Fruit, 1/4 Fat, 10 Opt. Cal.

Diabetic Exchanges: 1 Fruit

Weight Watcher Points: 1

Source: "One Pot Favorites Cookbook, page 79" Copyright: "Healthy Exchanges, Inc. 1997; ISBN 0-399-52324-3"

NOTES : Shared by Pamela S. on 8/31/99