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Points are per serving unless otherwise stated


** Updated Point values




**Bean Dip Mexicali 5 Pts

**Cajun Layer Dip 2 Pts

**Caramelized Onion Dip 1 Pts

**Chili Con Queso Dip 2 Pts

**Creamy Red Pepper Dip with Vegetables 1 Pt

**Crunchy Cheese Dip 3 Pts

**Curry Dip 2 Pts

**Diabetic, Low-Fat Texas Bean Dip 1 Pt

**Fresh Fruit Dip 1 Pt 01/22

**Hidden Valley Layered Mexican Dip 3 Pts

**Layered Fiesta Dip 2 Pts

**Lentil Puree vegan 1 Pt

**Low-Fat California Onion Dip 2 Pts

**Low-Fat Chicken Pate  1 Pt 01/22

**Low-Fat Chickpea & Roasted Red Pepper Dip 1 Pt

**Low-Fat Spiced Sweet Roasted Red Pepper Hummus vegan 3 Pts 01/22

**Low-Fat Spinach Dip 2 Pts

**Low-Fat Spinach Dip 1 2 Pts

**Mushroom Caviar vegan 0 Pts

**Roasted Vegetable Dip vegan 0 Pts

**Seven Layer Dip 2 Pts

**Spinach Dip 1 Pt 01/22



**Apple and Dried Cherry Chutney 1 Pts vegan 01/22

**Cranapple Relish vegan 1 Pt

**Cranberry-Ginger Relish vegan 1 Pt

**Cucumber Salsa vegan 0 Pts

**Fresh Salsa vegan 1 Pt

**Green Sauce 1 Pt 01/22

**Mango Chutney 2 Pts vegan 01/22

**Mock Mayonnaise 1 Pt / T

**No-Fat Chipotle Tomato Salsa 0 Pts vegan 01/22

**No-Fat Cranberry Relish 2 Pts vegan 01/22



**Applesauce Pork Balls 4 Pts

**Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp 3 Pts

**Basil Cheese Triangles 1 Pt 

**Blooming Onion 2 Pts

**Cheesy Potato Skins 2 Pts 01/22

**Chicken Chile Tart 4 Pts 01/22

**Chicken Quesadillas 2 pts 

**Chocolate "Trail" Mix 2 Pts

**Chicken Nut Puffs 1 Pt 

**Chili Spiced Potato Skins 3 Pts

**Crisp Garlic Potato Skins 2 Pts

**Crab Cakes 4 Pts

**Crab and Pomegranate 1 Pt

**Crab Mousse 2 Pts

**Corn Crepes 2 Pts

**Corn Crepes with Mapled Ham 3 Pts

**Corn Crepes with Smoked Salmon 3Pts

**Cucumber Stars with Salmon Caviar 2 Pts

**Curried Pork Sandwiches 1 Pt

**Dates Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Cointreau 2 Pts

**Deviled Eggs 1 Pt

**Easy Meatballs 1 Pt

**Eggplant Caponata vegan 2 Pts

**Fruit Kabobs and Yogurt Dip 2 Pts

**Garlic-Parmesan Mushrooms 1 Pt 01/22

**Herbed Olive Spirals 1 Pt

**Herb 'n' Cheese Spoonbread 3 Pts

**Kabob Bar (Chicken & Vegetable) 3 Pts

**Ham and Cheese Bites 2 Pts

**Italian Vegetable Kabobs vegan 0 Pts

**Low-Fat Cheese Triangles 1 Pt

**Low-Fat Potato Skins 2 Pts

**Low-Fat Spicy Chicken Tortillas 2 Pts

**Mamma Mia Meatballs 1 Pt

**Mozzarella and Sun-Dried Tomato Sandwiches 3 Pts

**Nacho Appetizers 6 Pts*

**Palmiers With Honey Mustard & Prosciutto 3 Pts

**Parmesan Chicken Fingers 5 Pts

**Parsnips with Bulgarian Yogurt-Dill Sauce 3 Pts

**Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms 0 Pts

**Petite Pizzas 3 Pts

**Reuben Mini Stacks 2 Pt 01/22

**Salsa Bites 1 Pt

**Savory Glazed Meatballs 1 Pt

**Spicy Barbecue Meatballs 1 Pt

**Spicy Honey Chicken Drummettes 3 Pts

**Spicy Shrimp in Wonton Cups 5 Pts

**Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms vegan 0 Pts

**Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes 1 Pt

**Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers 2 Pts

**Stuffed Mushrooms 1 Pt

**Stuffed Potato Skins 1 Pts

**Sweet And Sour Meatballs 9 Pts (meal serving)

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