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Fruit Snow

Recipe By : Pillsbury Classic Cookbooks: Hearth Healthy Recipes

1-2 Points Per Serving*


12 ounces fruit punch, frozen concentrate -- 2 cans, thawed or frozen grape juice

12 ounces apple juice, frozen concentrate -- 1 can, thawed

32 ounces lemon-lime soda -- 1 bottle


In 2-quart nonmetal container, combine all ingredients; mix well. Cover; freeze. Scoop frozen mixture into dessert dishes.

Makes 14 (1/2 cup) servings.

Tammy's Notes: You can also freeze this in individual paper cups or containers. Also, you can experiment with different frozen juice concentrates and carbonated sodas--the possiblities are endless.

NOTES : Per serving: 106.3 cal, 0.1g (0.7%) fat, 0.2g fibre, 11mg sodium, 26.8g carbs, 0.2g protien

*Per serving: 2.09 points

**Per serving (using diet soda): 80.4 cal, 0.1g (1%) fat, 0.2g fibre, 12mg sodium, 20.1g carbs, 0.2g protien

**Per serving (using diet soda): 1.58 points

Shared by: Jenn