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MIDI music title : Hero - Mariah Carey

DALnet Server     DALnet Server     DALnet Server     DALnet Server     DALnet Server

DALnet Server




Telenordia Internet DALnet Server
Telenordia Internet DALnet Server
Cleveland DALnet IRC Server
Always change
Assimilating the world.
Always change
Assimilating the world.
I can see the light!
DALnet's lair of dragons.
Webbernet HUB Server
why pay for the internet?
Always change
Telenordia HUB Server DALnet Server
Livin' La Vida Yoda!
Always change
IncoNet DALnet Server -
Always change
Virginia DALnet HUB
What? Something like 36? Does that include me?
Always change
West Coast Hub Server
Net Access Corp. -
It's full of stars!
Unable to resolve
please mind the gap
Always change - Next Generation Online
Always change
The 24th letter of the Greek alphabet
Unable to resolve
hebron coding test server
SYNET Internet
PowerTech DALnet Server, Oslo, Norway
will you meet me... in the far away
Always change
hope ... miracle .. and triumph!
We rock your world!
Splitrock Internet Services
Unable to resolve
Reston, VA <-- local host ???
Toronto Canada Hub Server
I think sex is better than logic!
Always change
What exit?
Global NAPs - Quincy, MA
Always change
How did I get all the way out here?
use the force...
Always change
chello HUB server
diet coke > *
Always change
The return of The Vikings! University of Tromsų, Norway
Webbernet DALnet Client Server
Unable to resolve
Gigafiber Communications DALnet Server


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