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"Namaste" is an ancient greeting that recognizes that we are equal with whomever we meet.

Upon greeting another being, one puts their palms together and bows, saying...Namaste"..which means:

The God in me greets the same God in you
The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you

I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you, where lies your love, your light, your truth, and your beauty. I honor the place in you, where...if you are in that place in you...and I am in that place in me...then there is only one of us"
...Leo Buscaglia
Author of "Love", etc.

Namaste is an expression used as a greeting, or upon parting, by putting the palms of the hands together in a prayer position. It means, "I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me." This, of course, is also a way of saying, "I recognize that we are all equal."
...Deepak Chopra