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always a blessing..
though often we have to grow up in wisdom,
and see with love, to see the truth of these words..
especially when the blessings are disguised, as they often are..

Ever think...what if YOU chose the family you were born into..
who is to say you didn't?..

Hmmmm..just a thought for your consideration..

I, myself, have many families..
For me, there is the family I was born into...
the one I raised/partly raised...
the one I adopted...
and finally...
the family of "humanity".
The heart has room for them all..but as for space...
not all at one time..

You are welcome.. to join me in Familyland
for a visit with any, or all, of my families..

Birth Family... Adopted Family.. Family I Raised/
Partly Raised..
Family of Humanity..