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Definition of Reiki..

Reiki(Ray-key) is a system of healing using Reiki energy.
Reiki energy is:
Universally guided "living" life force energy...
a whole and complete energy...
can be used anytime~anyplace~for any condition.
The energy of Reiki has been known by many names in ,many cultures.
Prana, Ki, Chi,Orgon Force,
and even the unified field of energy and information(for the scientists among us), to name but a few. This healing energy was re-gifted to humanity as the energy system called Reiki, and by using it, many have achieved health.

This healing system of Reiki is being used in clinics and hospitals in many places around the world.. and, yes!,now even in the United States. Many nurses use it, some nuns use it, and some nuns even teach it. Many alternative healing practitioners use it as an important part of their healing system.
Because it is easy to learn,
easy to use,
feels good,
...and WORKS!