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About the Artist

Artist-glassmaker David Hopman recently returned to California's Sierra Foothills after many years in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A graduate in zoology from U.C. Davis he was working at Stanford when he focused his artistic interest on glass. Several years ago he began studying glassblowing at San Jose State. In 2000 he decided to devote full time to his art.

As a zoologist and avid scuba diver he is strongly influenced by the natural world. It inspires the colors and patterns he utilizes in the classic and freeform blown shapes he creates.

Using a state of the art electric furnace he melts glass batch brought in from the Netherlands. He then adds colors that come from as far away as New Zealand. Working the glass at over 2200 degrees, he blows and hand shapes the piece to achieve a wide array of forms. Many of the color patterns he has devised depend on complex and ever variable interactions between the compounds used in the different color stocks.

His work is presently showing in nine Northern California galleries. David has participated in both juried and open exhibitions and recently had over one-hundred pieces as the only glassmaker in a two artist show.