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Late Spring Issue
~Nestled In Forest Huts, Our Dreams~

Vol.8, Issue 2
Date of Issue, June 1, 2009

Rolling knoll and ferny
thicket with spiggots of sunlight
pouring in, dreams around the very next bend
hidden in spruce, a hut of blue, a cottage
snug~ a leprechaun lair~ where words
are air.


Nathan A. Baker
Karen Corcoran Dabkowski
Steve De France
Al Ferber
Kenneth P. Gurney
Jan Oskar Hansen
Harold Lorin
Peter Magliocco
Francis Masat
Joan McNerney
Deborah Rey
Kenneth Widmerpool

There is something so extremely sensuous about sculpture
~ and sensuality combines with spirituality very powerfully
in the remarkable work of sculptor/artist, Rus Beh.

Each piece is life-affirming in its intertwining
of souls and bodies ~ always circling, flying toward an
answering counterpart to be found in another.
His work is sheer joy to look at ~
his own spirit, triumphant.


June's Editorial

Spaces Are

Part Of The Poem
by ruffledpanties

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