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About Jennifer
This is where you will find my personal story. I hope it will encourage you - that is the main reason I have built this page. I wanted to help those of you who are living life in a constant battle for your happiness. Making this webpage has really been a constant reminder of where I have come from and where I don't ever want to be again.

This is my story...

 If you think you can, you CAN

 If you think you can't

your RIGHT



Welcome to my page!! I'm so happy you have come to visit! We have so much to talk about! First off, a little about myself! My name is Jennifer, I am 28, married to my high school sweetie, and we have three beautiful children together! I made this web site for motivation and support. You see, I became very overweight, and decided that I had to do something about it. Let me go into a little more depth here so you all can understand my story, and where I have come from to reach my goal.  In high school, I always felt fat. I was only 145 pounds, but all of my friends were 120. I wore a size 11, and I just figured I was huge. My soon to be husband and I found out that we were expecting a baby in 1992. I was only 17 years old. But needless to say, we dealt with it, excepted the fact that we had made a beautiful life together, and now it was time to grow up. I ended up getting very sick for the first 3-4 months. I believe it was because of all of the stress I was under. I ended up losing down to 127 pounds. Once I was able to keep food down, I started to gain the weight back, and delivered at 163. And that was a great ending weight! After having Destiny, our daughter, I went down to 127 without even trying! It was great! But I knew it wouldn't last... I eventually got back up to "about" 150 pounds where I was when we got pregnant with our second daughter, Ninarae. <This was in 1995.> With Ninarae, I got up to a whopping 192 pounds. I delivered, and got down to 157 easily. I joined a gym, and tried to get lower, but my body was set at this weight for some reason. Worked out everyday, and ate right. I started beauty college, and found out that we were expecting our son!! <This is our last, lol.> So I went to school and ate out so much. The area that my school was in had tons of fast food restaurants. It was a pregnant women's dream! Eating out was easy for me, and with all the cravings, my waist line really showed it! I delivered at 194 this time. And the third one IS harder to take off the weight.

In 1998, we experienced a terrible family tragedy, and I know because of that, I once again turned to food. It became my comfort, and my safe haven. I stayed at 175 for about 2 years, and then eventually ballooned up to 190 pounds where I decided enough was enough. This wasn't the Jennifer that I knew, that's for sure. I felt ugly, fat, & hopeless. I had tried EVERY diet known to man. Including Jenny Craig, twice, and Weight Watchers three times. But each time, I went back to eating uncontrollably. So, here I was, in a size 16, and miserable. My biggest thing was that I wanted to play at the park with my kids. And I couldn't chase them. I was spending the best years of my young life at home, and so unhealthy. So on October 15th, 1999, I decided to do something about it. I joined my sister on her weight loss journey, and started eating low fat and exercising everyday. My first week, I lost 8.9 pounds! I know it was all the water from all the soda I had been drinking. It has taken my under six months to lose 55 pounds. I have never felt better, and making this web site has helped me in so many ways. There are a lot of you out there who understand my story because you are mothers too. You know how hard it is to take off the weight and keep it off. I'm sure you have all yo~yo'd just like me. I have come to realize that fad diets do not work. Because every time I would do a fad diet, I would lose the weight, or at least down to where I thought I looked good, and I would start eating again. I would celebrate with food. And that is so wrong!

          One of my biggest problems is emotional eating. Once I realized that I have a problem with food, the sooner I started working on "me." I believe that controlling the emotional eating has been harder than actually losing weight. There are a lot of factors that come into play when losing weight. One: You HAVE to be ready, and you HAVE to do it for YOU, and YOU ONLY! Two: Are you an emotional eater? Because if you are, you will HAVE to work on that while on your journey to good health. Third: Eating right, exercise, and water! You have to move your tush. :-)


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