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List of Characters

Clarissa Dalloway, Mrs. Dalloway, a sweet lady who is married to Richard Dalloway

Richard Dalloway, Clarissa's husband, holds a governmental post

Peter Walsh, A former suitor of Clarissa

Elizabeth Dalloway, the daughter of Richard and Clarissa Dalloway

Lucy, maid in the Dalloway house

Scrope Purvis, the Dalloways' neighbor

Hugh Whitbread, a friend of the Dalloways

Evelyn Whitbread, Hugh Whitbread's wife

Sally Seton, close friend of Clarissa Dalloway

Doris Oilman, Elizabeth Dalloway's tutor

Septum's Warren Smith, an ex-soldier who is shell shocked from the Great War

Lucrezia Warren Smith, Septimus' wife

Evans, friend of Septimus and soldier killed in great War

Daisy, young lady planning to marry Peter Walsh

Sir William Bradshaw, Septimus' physician

Dr. Holmes, a doctor that Septimus and Lucrezia consult

Lady Millicent Bruton, friend of the Dalloways

Clarissa Dalloway

Clarissa Dalloway is the central figure in the text. She is a sweet woman, about fifty years old, who is frail and weak because she has just recovered from an illness. Clarissa seems to be a quiet and private person. She is not the type of person who shares, rather, Clarissa appears to be cautious of exposing what she thinks or wants. A prime example of Clarissa Dalloway’s private life can be equated with the way she lives in her home with Richard Dalloway. She retreats to the attic and wants to be alone from her husband. Clarissa longs to be a different person and wishes she was much like her friend Sally who is much more daring and is not as reserve as Clarissa. It is also obvious that Clarissa wishes that she had married Peter Walsh. It is as if readers are in the head of Clarissa because her longing for something other than she has is never verbalized throughout the text.

Richard Dalloway

Richard is like his wife in many ways. He is also refined and a private person. With Richard, Clarissa has a sense of stability. Richard is a good provider and protector of his family.

Peter Walsh

Once Peter visits Clarissa, we learn a lot about him. Clarissa and Peter are opposite in nature, however it is clear that the two of them regret not marrying each other when they are young. When Peter was younger, he told Clarissa that she would be nothing but a hostess and he was exactly right. One of the big events that Clarissa is planning for is the party she is hosting. Peter Walsh foreshadows Clarissa’s future.

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