Freedom "O my Strength, I watch for you; you, O God, are my fortress, my loving God."(Psalm 59:9-10a)


I live in a room smaller than you could possibly imagine ~
this is my home.

I look through a window much smaller than you could imagine ~
there's only another wall.

I imagine there was a time when I might have said
"If I close my eyes..."

I don't have to close my eyes
there's a blessing in everything I see.

Back in time, on that fateful day
there was evil intended for me
but I had the words of the Lord Jesus,
a promise of life more abundantly.

As I heard the rattle of chains I could smile ~
Jesus had set me free.
I was delivered from the ravages
that indulgence had done to me.
I was shown by the very Word of God
how he meant for my life to be.

Sometimes there's no one to talk to ~
to reach out and just say "hey" ~
each and every day.

The smile on my face is not pretentious.
In fact, you see it's quite clear ~
I love the Lord with all of my heart
and to him I'm quite dear.

In this place of darkness,
where despair should seem just right,
I have the love of the Lord.
Instead of darkness there's just his light.

Each and every day
I lift my face to the sky
to see the glory of the Lord
on my way ~ as I pass on by.
I feel the sunshine on my face,
on my skin I feel the wind.

This is my desire, O Lord,
to praise you until the end.
All my days I've searched for this,
this peace that you bring.
I never knew what freedom was ~
now freedom reigns!