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ANIMAL CONTROL: The Town employs a part-time animal control officer who may be contacted at the Town Hall at 637-9810 to answer any of your questions. ******************************************************* BURNING OF YARD DEBRIS: Burning of yard debris only--not garbage/food waste--is permitted in Trent Woods on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between the hours of 8am and 10pm. There are currently no other restrictions on burning, however, you should be a polite neighbor and pay attention to the wind and the dampness of your pile to be burned. You may burn yard debris anywhere on your property, but not in the Town/state road right of way ditches. You should also not burn debris in any other drainage ditches, because of the drainage problems that may cause.******************************************* DITCHES ADJACENT TO TOWN AND STATE ROADWAYS: Town and/or state property ownership along roadways is generally 30 feet to either side of the median line of the roadway. Drainage ditches throughout the Town, particularly along roadways, are not to be filled. Any modification to or work within the Town right of way, including, but not limited to, driveway tiles, drainage tiles, light posts, or electrical wiring, requires approval from the Town's Zoning Enforcement Officer. Although individuals may wish to make their lawns flat from their house to the roadway for aesthetic reasons or for ease in mowing, this is not permitted because of the consequences to the drainage system. Remember that the drainage ditches are the Town's principal drainage system, and they must be maintained clear of debris in order to perform properly. *********************************ZONING PERMITS: The Town of Trent Woods requires a zoning permit for any construction done within the Town. Please contact the Town Zoning Administrator for the current fee schedule.