Backstreet Seduction

I am bringing you all the best sites of mature BSB fanfic.

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Backie's Visually Backstreet


International Association of Backstreetboys fiction.
An associatiom for fanfics and visuals- sort of like a MPAA for BSB fans!

B ackstreet Boys Lover

Silver Sky It Good vizzies here! Teej owns this site and she's an AJ fiend. :o)

Bone McLeans Fanfic

Chronicles Of Fantasy

BSB Visuals

Da Bone/69 Back St./McLean,AJ 01978
I like this site. It is Adina's site. "Cruel Laughter" will make you cry. I promise you that.

Laura's BSB Fanfic

Nicole's BSB Fanfic A couple of R rated stories here for you to enjoy.

Backstreet Esctasy

Backstreet Boys Fantasy Fiction Yeah bay-bee!! lol. I love all the stories here. Good vizzies.

The Kat's Meow I like "In Name Only" a lot. I recommend this site a lot!

BAckstreet: The Boys You Love Nice site of BSB vizzies.

Legal Backstreet Freaks These three women are hilarious! They talk about everything from teenyboppers to sex. I promise that you'll like his site.
Missa's Bedtime Stories Good BSB vizzies! Really good. I want her to write more. She's also a apart of my webring :o)

Mystery Lady and Mystery Fracks' BSB Fanfic Site Fracky sadly felt Fantasy Island...but damnit,she joined this site! They no longer update,but they decided to leave the site here for us to enjoy.

I Need You Tonight A very good fanfic story. They haven't updated it in a while,but it's good!

V The Almighty Visuals IndexThese gals have vizzies of not only BSB,but also 98* and N Sync.:o)

Backstreet Fantasy

Larger Than Life Damn,I love this story! It's still ongoing,though. Thank goodness because I always like to read more! I hope that Amber makes a sequel because trust me...this story good to the last drop!

Keri and Meggers Page
Has really good BSB Visuals. I like this site

Jynx and Myscheif's Fiction

BSB Fanfic Paradise
Really good visuals and I like her disclaimer A LOT.

BSB Escapes
A new BSB fanfic site with a few vizzies.

Backstreet Market
Good. Damn good stories. Really good.

Kim's FanF*ck Series
These two women (Kim and Michelle) are very good writers and their stories make you say "damn". I recommend "Larger Than Life" and DEFINITELY "Italian Excursion." :o)

Basement Slut Inc.
I like this site. Very unique and some very great stories

Bad To The Bone This is a good AJ site and it does have some sexual stories,also. I recommend it totally.

They'd look cute as hell together!

.: A Site Purely 
Based On Backstreet Boys Fanfics 

Fire and Desire This is an AJ and Howie fan site. Very good. No vizzies :o( But good graphics and pictures

BSB members! :o)

The Backstreet Bedroom The website owners are big Frick and Frack fans :o)

T obystef's BSB Visuals
These are excellent!!!

BSB Erotic

Zone Fic
A Nice site with a couple of BSB vizzies.

Backstreet Mania
A really good BSB fanfic site. Jessica is really sweet and she has worked her butt off on this site. I like this site.

BSB fanfictional
A site with good BSB fanfics. I recommend the story "Dude looks like a lady".

Inside Our Minds
A cool site with reviews,opiions and good BSB visuals.

Andrea 's Page

J ust To Be Close To You: BSB visuals
Nice graphics and excellent visuals

LPB&J's Storyland Good vizzies. I want more!!!

BSB fanfic Achive
Fanfic for the MATURE fan.

Our Tommy Hilfiger Man This woman (Adonis) has straight-up talent! Her stories will change you. I promise.

LD' s D.I.D. Showcase
I love the D.I.D series!!! Read these!!

Fantasy Island

The Backstreet Market All te little treats here that you can find! Vizzies,pix,sounds and much much more!

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Ms. Backstreet This is a nice site.....I like it

I am a proud member of this BSB fanfic/visuals organization. If you are a fanfic/visual writer,please join this.

Backstreet Boys Adult Connection Who says that adult BSB fans don't kick ass? This site has a great layout,many pics,fanfics,vizzies,and more! If you are 21 and older and a BSB fan, (or you can handle this!) come check it out! And beware because the owner has a Nick fetish. :o)

Stories By Neen

Darling Nikki's Fanfic

Berry Delicious' Nick Carter Stories

It's Gotta Be Kev!

Ester's BSB FanFiction

Tech and Angels fanfic

aj fanfic

Skyle's BSB fanfic Haven

Head In Clouds

Jenna's BSB fanfic

Backstreet Boys Lovers

Temporary Moment Of Bliss

Backstreet Secrets

Choices: A Backstreet Boys fanfiction

Backstreet Romance

Pandora's Paradise

The Official Nick Cater is Sexual Page