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Eric Bogosian's subUrbia
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Surviving Production are currently preparing to stage Eric Bogosian's subUrbia. Which will be staged during this years Melbourne Fringe Festival at Theatreworks in StKilda for ten shows. Oct

subUrbia, by Eric Bogosian, published by Theatre Communications Group, Inc.1995, ISBN 1-55936-101-8
available online
here or here or by emailing
Produced by arrangement with Warner Chappell Music (Australia). Exclusive representatives of Dramatist Play Service New York.

Surviving Productions are a production company based in Melbourne Australia. It is our goal to produce fresh quality relevant and accessable entertainment (in particular for todays somwhat negleted 'Youth Market'). We produce, Theatre, Film, Small Press Publications (mostly of screenplays, plays, poems, and comics), and in the distant future hope to start 'Surviving Records' and have a few bands in our stables. In accordance with this goal we are currently forming alliances with various other organisations (such as
jjsplice and The CharlieFarm.)

A big thanks to everyone who attended and offered such positive feedback. Also to Lynne Ellis, and a great cast. Currently an early draft of Jacob's Pier is still availible online and information about other pieces is availible upon request.
Jacob's Pier (aka
You Don't Have to Ask). Adapted for stage from an original screenplay, the story of two young men who watch an old man sweeping sand from a pier.

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