These are some of our favorite links.

Bands We Like

Lawrence Arms +++++ The Get up Kids +++++ Alkaline Trio +++++ Lagwagon +++++ Lifetime +++++ The Crumbs+++++ Avail+++++ The Queers +++++ Bad Religion +++++ Descendents +++++ The Connie Dungs +++++ The Distillers +++++ F.Y.P. +++++ Squad Car +++++ Adios Gringo +++++ Propagandhi +++++

Punk places on the net

World Wide Punk++++++ Book Your Own Fucking Life+++++ Punk St. Louis Punk +++++ Deterrent DIY Tour Manual+++++ True Punk+++++ House of Rising Punk+++++ Punk Rock Sound Files+++++ Punk Rock Archive+++++ St Louis area punk bands and message board+++++ Regional Punk Scenes++++++ Punk Mags and Labels+++++ Inter Punk (Punk Goods)+++++ Angry Young and Poor (Punk Goods)+++++

Fun Places on the net

Thrower's Metal Reviews+++++ Mullets (it's a lifestyle)+++++ Ugly People+++++ Rotten (beware!!)+++++ The Art of Mark Ryden+++++ The La Luz de Jesus Art Gallery+++++ Coop Stuff+++++ Tattoo E-zine++++++ Enculturation E-zine+++++ SST Superstore+++++ Philosophy, Critical Theory, Postmodern Thought @ U of C Denver++++++ Fair (intellectual stuff for the educated punk) +++++ CTheory (more intellectual rants)+++++ Feed Magazine+++++ Skateboard Paradise+++++ Essential Media - fringe culture store++++++ E-Text Archive+++++Scream Design +++++ The Sticker Guy!+++++ The Payphone Project +++++ Googleplex E-zine ++++++

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