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Abraham DeJesus Santana

My wonderful husband with our baby boy, Jonah.

Abraham DeJesus Santana was born in Tampa, Florida March 27, 1973 to Augustin and Elissa. He was their third child and second boy. He had a head full of blonde curls. His father decided he didn't want him to be mistaken for a girl anymore and cut the baby curls off. Our oldest daughter, Sophia also had a full head of blonde curls as a toddler, so we got a glimpse of what Abe may have looked like. The only pictures we have of Abe don't go back that far, they start with his childhood spent in Chicago with his mother and stepfather Rob Wilson. Abe remembers his father reading the bible. He also remembers him cutting his hair and teaching him to ride a bicycle.

His parents decided to part ways when Abe was about six years old. At that time Augustin took the elder two children, Rafael and Veronica and Elissa kept the younger two, Abraham and Benjamin. Abraham recently was reunited with his elder two siblings after being apart for over 20 years. He also met one of his half-brothers, Elissa's second child from another relationship, Michael Malave. It was an interesting time.

Elissa got together with Rob Wilson when Abe was about eight years old. Rob stepped in and did a great job at fathering Abe and his baby brother, Ben. Abe applies a lot of what he learned from Rob in raising our own family. Abe and Ben get together and share stories about their childhood and laugh a lot.

Abe with Rob and brother Benjamin.

When Abe was eighteen years old he didn't like the direction his life was headed and decided to move away from home. He worked out a situation with his friend, Chelsea Cerio, to make his way to Seattle, Washington. He moved there in the autumn of 1991. He heard about the Apostolic Faith Church from his good friend Danny Smith. He started attending meetings in October 1991 where he decided to pray and start a Christian life. He also met his future wife, ME!

Danny Smith and Chelsea Cerio

Abe's water baptism at the AF church

Abe's first campmeeting in Portland, OR

We were good friends until I started to fall in love with him. I don't think I realized how important he had become to me until he went back to Chicago for a visit and to potentially stay. He was gone for two weeks and I missed him terribly. He once told me that he was interested me and I told him to forget about it because we were only going to be friends. Well, when I realized I was falling for him, I was miserable and had to find a way to let him know. Our good friend Marie Garrison helped me out.

Our good friends Chuck and Marie Garrison with baby Sophia

I was a boarder in her home and she often had young people over. One Saturday evening Abe was there with his brother Ben and Marie knew my predicament. Her advice was for me to tell Abe my feelings so she invited Abe to stay the night and then she took a confused Benjamin home. Once Marie had returned and gone to bed, I finally got up the nerve to talk to Abe. I told him I had something important to tell him. He immediately assumed it was some advice on personal hygiene since we were good friends and I had given him advice like that before. I was so embarrassed, but I finally got my feelings off my chest, and then Abe didn't say anything. He sat there with a big grin on his face, chuckling. I was mortified and kept insisting he tell me his reaction. Once he thought of how to respond, we agreed to try dating. That was July 30, 1993. He asked me to be his girlfriend August 17, 1993 and to marry him October, 1993. Our friend and the assistant pastor of the Seattle Apostolic Faith Church, Bro. Mel Hiatt, married us September 1, 1994.


What a happy day!

Sharing cake and a chuckle.


Us as tired newlyweds with our best man Ben, matron of honor Jennifer Miles and Bro. Mel Hiatt


Now we've been married almost eight years and have three beautiful children together. Abe is currently a computer programmer and in his spare time enjoys drawing, computing and spending time with me and the kids.



Here we are being silly, one of our favorite things to be.