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The Lives of the Mayfair Witches Quotes

Mona: "Being thirteen was kind of like a bad joke..."

Mona thinking:"If Brooks Brothers or Burberry's couldn't fit you, you were illegitimate."

Mona to Gifford:"One minute you want me to grow up; the next you want me to behave. What am I to you a little girl or a sociological problem? I don't like to conform Aunt Gif. Take a look at men today on the news. Never in history have all the men in a nation's capital dressed exactly alike. Ties, shirts, coats of grey. It's apalling."

Michal to Mona:"Do you know everything?"

Mona:"Wish I did, but then again who wants to know everything? God must be bored."

Aaron Lightner:"Our name is the Talamasca. We are scholars, students if you please, we accumulate records; we are responcible for bearing witness to things. That is, we feel we are responcible. It is what we do."

Yuri: "Mindreaders,"

Aaron:"Yes, And outcasts, lonely ones, and ones sometimes who have no one else. And people who are better sometimes than others, much better than others."

Lasher to Julien:"I am not the slave to history but rather the slave to ambition."

Samuel to Ash:"You'll live to see the end of the world, Ash, & be the one to make it crumble."


Mary Jane Mayfair:"This is where they stuck me! Took enough blood to sacrifice to the devil."

Ash:"Poetry is the highest truth, and eloquence is it's attribute."

Samuel to Ash:"Your words don't make sense, they never did. They're just a sort of noise I've grown used to hearing when I'm in your presence."

Mona to Mary Jane:"And, Mary Jane, take advantage of the situation."

Mary Jane to Mona:"Oh, you're to young for that, Mona."

Lasher and Rowan: 'You fear me, Rowan?' he said, lips barely moving as she focused on them. 'Why? Leave your friend, Aaron, alone, you comanded me, and I did as you commanded, did I not?'

'What do you want?'

'Ah, that would be a very long time in the telling,'"

"And Carlotta, Carlotta who was stronger than Stella - Carlotta wouldn't help. She lay on her bed upstairs during the seance, staring at the ceiling, and she was saying her rosary aloud, and after every Hail Mary, she said, 'Send him back to hell, send him back to hell!' - and then went on to the next Hail Mary." - Peter Mayfair

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