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Index of Fan Art Submitted to this Site

Vampire Chronicles

Goblin's Vampire Chronicle Characters

Liu Yiqing's Gallery (Louis & Lestat)

Sanna's Mini-Lestat(Very Cute!)

ALPHA's Vampire Chronicle Art

Racheal (Shelly) Beardsley's Louis Under a Christmas Tree

Jeanne D'arc Wing Yan Price's Louis, Lestat and Claudia (very colorful and detailed)

Sol Meisler's Lestat and Claudia

Mariya Martirosyan's Vampires

Shagz and Kash's VC art (very cute!)

Michelle Loughead's Vampires

Nakki's Scary Lestat and Eloquent Armand

Pablo *Lestat* de Chagrin - Noir's VC scenes

Ulerica's Gallery

WhiteMist's VC Art

The Vampire Kt's Vampires

Narayana's up-close-and-personal vampires

Shinigami Kat's VC Characters

Noe's Vampire Armand (and others) Art

Jade's VC Art

Ann McManus' VC collection

Joan Lansberry's VC art

The Lives of the Mayfair Witches

The 13 Witches and other Mayfairs: Done by MsJekyll

Other Anne Rice Novels

Jessica West: Feast of All Saints