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Conformist's Label 6/2/2001

If I sew your label
into my arm for all
the world to see
Would I now be
one of you
would you now
accept me
Do you wish
to brand me with
your superficiality
"Well," I say
As I rip the stitches from my skin
"I have other ideas"

I am so sick of society today. Beauty has been blown out of proportions. How can hard angles and skin hanging off of bones be attractive? Looking at supermodels makes me ill, but not because I want to look like them. Their unnatural looks are sickening, and they are causing several beautiful young women feel inferior about their bodies.

Also, since when is superficiality attractive? People conform to amazing amounts today. Perhaps we should be stripped of our scientific name, which means wise man, because some of us are at the intelligence level of lemmings. When a girl shows individuality in style by wearing so called "frumpy" clothes, does anyone embrace her for being different? No! She is scorned, or her 'friends' try to help her 'fashion sense'. What they are truly doing is trying to conform her to their standards. They are killing a rare spirit.

I know many of you think you are different by listening to alterna music (not that all of its bad) and wearing dark clothes, or dying your hair colors. Most, but not all, of you are also simply conforming, in a group I like to call the anti-conform conformists.

If you truly wish to be anti-conform, this does not mean you need to completely hate pop or the color pink. It doesn't mean you have to dye your hair odd colors, or be into bands like Dashboard Confessionals. It simply means be yourself. Whether you be quirky, quiet, shy, loud, precocious, flirty, bisexual, gay, straight, good at writing or good at computer programming, your favorite color is bright green, or maybe it's yellow, just be yourself. If you like to wear piercings in your nose but you are a cheerleader, go ahead (just don't wear them while cheering, ouch). If you are tone deaf but love to sing, go out for a no-cut concert choir. Whatever you are, don't hide it. Because I know that you are beautiful. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. back