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  • PRAY for *Jeff Russell * Racing. Get Well My Friend



  • The Supermodifieds post a very fast speed in Qualifications and these Race cars and teams work hard on the set up to provide Fans watching the Fastest short track time and speed. The Central Valley California is Home of many great Drivers and the Quickest Supermodifieds. The Economy is keeping the car counts low but the speeds the times show the Racers and crew know how to set up and provide the Fastest open wheeled cars on the short tracks!!

    The Supermodifieds were known before "AS THE ROAD TO INDY". Many Super teams work hard in car preperation and finding ways to get maximum handling and horspower making the Supers the fastest at our LOCAL TRACKS!.

    Many great talent started in Supers.

  • Billy Vukovich, III
  • Paul Durant
  • Tony Stewart
  • Davey Hamilton,

    to name a few Supermodified Drivers that ran INDY.

    I really feel EAST and WEST COAST need to work together and make Supers into combined all out * run what you brung *

    and to spark new ideas and sponsers.

  • Madera, CA. Madera Speedway!!!!!

    PABST BLUE RIBBON WINGED WORLD SERIES / 2014 Winged Sprints verses Super Modified Series

    Race series in 2014, the first event is March...

    General Disclaimer Statement

    The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.


    They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

    We are running this series with a very basic set of rules that allow a large variety of cars to compete. We will adjust rules as needed to make sure the competition is close.

    Entry - Please send an e-mail reservation to kshepherd@racemadera.com for each event, we will publish a list of drivers to the media and for fans to see on the week of each event. There is a $100 car/driver entry fee for Regular Winged events, it is due the day of the event.

    Race Procedures -

    All cars will qualify; the fastest 16 cars will go directly into the main event. All remaining cars will go into a qualifying race and the top four from the qualifying race will transfer into the main event.

    The driver that sets fast time will draw a pill and this will set the invert, it will be a 6, 8 or 10 invert.

    There will be heat races, and or trophy dashes.

    All cars must race on the tires they qualify on. You may only change a tire if it is flat, and an official has approved the change.

    The race distance are 50 laps with only green flag laps counting. The original start will be double file; all restarts will be single file.

    Rules -

    RULES UPDATE (4.4.13);

    Beginning with the May 4th race at the Madera Speedway ALL 410 engines in both sprint cars and super modifieds must install air restrictors in the stack above the butterfly. The restrictor must have an inside diameter of 1 7/8", and must have at least 1.750" of flat 1 7/8" area from top to bottom in the restrictor.

    The only cylinder head that will be exempt from this rule will be the Brodix dash 12 head on the 410 engine.

    Weight/Wing Size

    Sprint Cars must weigh 1,625 pounds prior to qualifying and the main event. The maximum top wing size for sprint cars is 3,650 square inches; the maximum front wing size is 1,350 square inches.

    Supers running injected engines must weigh 1,900 pounds prior to qualifying and the main event (left side weight TBA). The maximum top wing for the injected Super is 2,400 square inches; the maximum front wing for the injected Supers is 500 Square Inches. Added weight must be installed inside the main frame rails of the chassis, no weight may be installed outside the main frame rails, or ahead of the front axle of the Super Modified.

    Carbureted Supers must weigh 1,800 pounds prior to qualifying and the main. The Maximum wing size for the Carbureted Super is 3,750 square inches. This 3,750 square inches of wing may be used anywhere on the race car. Added weight must be installed inside the main frame rails of the chassis, no weight may be installed outside the main frame rails, or ahead of the front axle of the Super Modified.

    Engine Rule;

    Supers and Sprint cars may run a fuel injected 360 or 410 cubic inch engine. The 410 is required to install a 1 7/8" restrictor in the stack above the butterfly (see update for details), and the 360 engine will run unrestricted. The carbureted super engine is a maximum 360 cubic inch with any size 4 barrel.

    Engines exceeding 410 cubic inches including big blocks are allowed to run in the Winged World Series but must meet the following rules; SUPER MODIFIEDS with engines exceeding 410 cubic inches must weigh 2,050lbs prior to qualifying or any race. If the engine is fuel injected 1 7/8" restrictors must be used in the stack above the butterfly. SPRINT CARS with engines exceeding 410 cubic inches must weigh 1,775 pounds prior to qualifying and any race, and they must also install the 17/8" restrictor in the stack above the butterfly.

    Tire Rule - TBA, we are working on a spec tire package for the teams...

    Safety will be strictly enforced, head, neck and arm restraints are mandatory.

    Winged Sprint Car series

    by Gerald Laurie

    Steven Blakesley

    Email: sblakesley@kernraceway.com

    Phone: (661) 835-1264 ext 3203



    BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA (December 16, 2013) Ė Kern County Raceway Park, fueled by Monster Energy, has announced its participation in the brand-new King of the Wing series for 2014, which will challenge the best Sprint Car drivers in the nation in a six race national championship. The inaugural 2014 champion will be crowned at the series finale at Kern County Raceway Park on Sunday November 23.

    The event at Kern County Raceway Parkís state-of-the-art half-mile speedway is likely to draw teams from across the nation as they jockey for a piece of a $25,000 purse. The series will hit Madera Speedway on Friday November 21st, followed by Irwindale Speedway on Saturday November 22nd. King of the Wing gets underway in late June and early July with dates in Berlin, Michigan, Toledo, Ohio, and Winchester, Indiana on some of the nationís fastest and most prestigious short tracks.

    Kern's event will pay tribute to George "Ziggy" Snider with 22 career Indianapolis 500 starts to go along with three USAC Silver Crown and Championship Car titles. As a car owner, Snider most recently won the 2012 USAC West Coast 360 title with Bud Kaeding driving his potent #29 entry. Other series events will honor such names at Vukovich, Vogler, Jones, and Beale.

    Series organizer Davey Hamilton tested a Winged Sprint Car at KCRP in October of this year, recording lap times in the 15 second range and above 120 miles per hour average driving for Western Speed Racing.

    As a result of the testing exercise, the speedway has made several safety improvements including new catch fencing along the inside backstretch wall to keep cars safely out of the infield pit area.

    Tickets for this historic return of pavement open wheel racing to Bakersfield will be on sale soon, at just $20 for adults, $12 for youth ages 6-15, seniors 65+, and active military. Kids 5 and under are free and reserved seats are available for $25 as well. A family pass of two adults and two children is priced at $52. Pit passes will be priced at $40.

    Support divisions and additional information will be released when available.

    To contact Davey Hamilton from the King of the Wing series for sponsorship or competition inquiries,

    call: (702) 610-7708.


    Major marketing partners include Coca Cola, Budweiser, CITGO Lubricants, Monster Energy, Advance Beverage Company, NAPA Auto Parts, DC's RV Center, Three-Way Chevrolet, and Whelen Engineering.

    Kern County Raceway Park is online at www.kernraceway.com More information is available on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kernraceway and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/kernraceway

    For marketing information on Kern County Raceway Park, contact Steven Blakesley by email at sblakesley@kernraceway.com or by phone at (661) 835-1264, ext 3203


    June 28 Berlin Raceway - Berlin, MI *Johncock / Benson Classic*

    July 2 Toledo Speedway - Toledo, OH *Rollie Beale Classic*

    July 4 Winchester Speedway - Winchester, IN *Bigelow / Vogler Classic*

    November 21 Madera Speedway - Madera, CA *Vukovich Classic*

    November 22 Irwindale Speedway - Irwindale, CA *Parnelli Jones Classic

    November 23 Kern County Raceway Park - Bakersfield, CA *George "Ziggy" Snider Classic*

    Copyright 2013 Kern County Raceway Park / Blakesley Sports Media

    Side note:

    The Vintage Uprights will be RACING in 2014 with Merced Speedway being the home track.

    Joe Diaz Jr. is the guy behind this and it will be full out racing, not exibitions.

    For further info call (No Text) Joe at 559/706-1916.

    There is lots of interest and a good time will be had by all.

    ***Wanted: If anyone has a vintage upright for sale please contact me at 805 610-3938.***

    Thanks, Randy*

    Updated 2/28/14

    Have a Great JOYFUL DAY!





    Paul and Ezekiel Sylvia.

    Teams if you would like your Car picture posted please send pictures to E-mail below, Thanks.