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supermodified racing Welcome to Paul's racing page. welcome to paul's racing page supermodified racing paul sylvia Welcome to Paul's racing page. Welcome to Paul's racing page.

  • PRAY for *Jeff Russell * Racing. Get Well My Friend


    Top 3 Harvest Classic Sept 13, 2014. Madera!

    Nice Pictures Courtesy of *RACHEL* Many Thanks for the Great Pictures!!

    98 Davey Hamilton, Jr.

    3 Kyle Vanderpool

    40 Cody Gerhardt


  • The Supermodifieds post a very fast speed in Qualifications and these Race cars and teams work hard on the set up to provide Fans watching the Fastest short track time and speed. The Central Valley California is Home of many great Drivers and the Quickest Supermodifieds. The Economy is keeping the car counts low but the speeds the times show the Racers and crew know how to set up and provide the Fastest open wheeled cars on the short tracks!!

    The Supermodifieds were known before "AS THE ROAD TO INDY". Many Super teams work hard in car preperation and finding ways to get maximum handling and horspower making the Supers the fastest at our LOCAL TRACKS!.

    Many great talent started in Supers.

  • Billy Vukovich, III
  • Paul Durant
  • Tony Stewart
  • Davey Hamilton,

    to name a few Supermodified Drivers that ran INDY.

    I really feel EAST and WEST COAST need to work together and make Supers into combined all out * run what you brung *

    and to spark new ideas and sponsers.

  • Get Well Jim.

    November 21st - Marshall Sargent Classic / King of the Wing National Sprint Car series, USAC HPD Midget Series, NCMA/PBR Spec Sprints, Open Legends Mega Bucks Event... Call Track for Details....

    OPEN COMP SUPER MODIFIEDS have been added to the November 21st Open Wheel Extravaganza at LoanMart Madera Speedway!


    The Date; November 21st, 2014 (Open Practice Thursday November 20th)

    Location; LoanMart Madera Speedway located at 1800 West Cleveland Ave in Madera California

    Rules; There will be a minimum weight rule and strict safety rules. Other than that "Run what you Brung" (Super Modifieds Only)

    Lap Count; this is a 50 lap main event, heat races for all cars and a dash for cash for the top 6 fastest cars. Plus a TRACK RECORD BOUNTY!

    Purse; TBA pending car count and sponsors but it will look something like the following; 20 or more cars $2,500 to win $500 to start, 14-19 cars $2,000 to win $400 to start, 9-13 cars $1,500 to win $300 to start. Plus we are working on a purse for the dash for cash.

    Fans; our fans want Super Modified races, but we know you have lost confidence in car count. So there will be a mandatory sign-up sheet for all team owners and we will create a special webpage that will be updated daily listing the drivers that have faxed in signed entry forms. With this you will know what the car count is.

    So with this Open Super Show and the King of the Wing National Sprint Car Series happening on the same night at Madera our fans should get one of the best winged open wheel shows seen in years!


    For the results of the Winged World Series No. 5 at Madera Super Modified vs. Winged Sprints go to

  • Supermodified Racing News.

    The Harvest Classic event at Madera on September 13, 2014.

    September 13th - Harvest Classic presented by Midland Tractor and John Deere! Round #6 of the Super Modifieds vs the Winged Sprints!!!!!!!

    Madera Speedway held their 43rd Annual Harvest Classic on September 12 and 13, 2014.

    Sept 15

    New Winners and Veterans Reap Gold at Madera Harvest Classic

    by Gerald Laurie

    Madera Speedway held their 43rd Annual Harvest Classic on September 12 and 13, 2014. The open wheel divisions were featured Saturday and those are covered here. We had popular veterans winning in two divisions and newcomers to victory lane in the other two. There were some dominating runs and some come from behind excitement. There was also 102 degree heat in the late afternoon and early evening making for interesting tire situations in at least one division.

    MADERA Speedways Winged World Series featuring Winged Sprint Cars and Supermodifieds were the last swipe to transponders across the starting line. Tim Skoglund(60) was fastest at 12.756 seconds followed by Kyle Vanderpool(3) at 12.800, and Davey Hamilton, Jr.(98) at 12.931.

    The winged cars also ran two heats. The fast four were in the first with a straight up line-up. Tim Skoglund paced the field pursued by Kyle Vanderpool, Davey Hamilton, Jr. and Eric Humphries. Vanderpool grabbed the advantage from the outside with Skoglund, Humphries and Hamilton pulling in behind. And no one was able to move up, so that is how they finnished.

    The remaining cars were also lined up in qualifying order with Cody Gerhardt leading Donnie Large, Alan Beck, and Marvin Mitchell. Large also took advantage of the high line to lead over Gerhardt and Beck as Mitchell headed for the pits on lap two. Again, there was no passing after the first turn of lap one.

    Davey Hamilton has put together a six race Winged Sprint Car Series that had three races earlier this year in the MidWest and finishes up in California in November. Both Ken Hamilton (Daveys Father) and Jo Jo Helberg (winner of two of the first three races) have run at Madera this year with the Winged World Series to get some test info for the King of Wings Series. Davey brought his son Davey, Jr. to run in Ken Hamiltons car for another tune-up for the coming shows. Boy, did they get some information.

    The winged cars were set to run fifty laps. The invert was four cars. Eric Humphries was on the pole followed by Davey Hamilton, Jr., Kyle Vanderpool, and Tim Skoglund. Behind the inverted cars were Cody Gerhardt, Donnie Large, Alan Beck, and Marvin Mitchell. The outside was the place to be and Hamilton and Skoglund both pulled out ahead of Humphries, Vanderpool and Large. Vanderpool moved to third on lap three while Gerhardt displaced Large for fifth. Meanwhile Hamilton was increasing his lead while Vanderpool was all over Skoglund until he got past on lap nine. After ten laps, the order was Hamilton, Vanderpool, Skoglund, Humphries and Gerhardt. Vanderpool was chasing Hamilton and the distance would expand and compress, but never by much. Hamilton was very smooth out front.

    On lap sixteen, Davey dove deep into three to overtake a lapped car with a move remeniscent of some of the battles beteen his father and the late Billy Vukovich III. No one thought the car would stick and yet there was nary a bobble. The youngster just kept on truckin! Humphries headed for the infield on lap seventeen with a deflating right rear tire. Order after twenty laps was Hamilton, Vanderpool, Skoglund, Gerhardt, and Large. The middle of the race saw Hamilton maintain and extend his lead a bit. Skoglund was evidently having some tire issues as he lost touch with Vanderpool and fell back into the clutches of Gerhardt who passed him on lap twenty-nine. Lap thirty order was Hamilton, Vanderpool, Gerhardt, Skoglund, and Large.

    We then noticed that Vanderpool also began to exhibit some tire wear symptoms and seemed be loose off turn four several times. Everyone was wondering when Davey would outrun his tires at the pace he was setting. It didnt happen. Lap forty reflected lap thirty. It was apparent that everyone was just hanging on for the last ten laps as even Hamilton slowed his pace a bit, but maintined a very comfortable lead. With no yellows to cool the tires, young Mr. Hamilton went green to checkers with a full straightaway lead for the entire distance. This is his second year of running winged Sprint Cars and although he has many victories in his career in karts and other venues, this was his first Sprint Car win and it was well deserved. Whatever Davey Sr. and Larry Triguerio did to the 98 car between the heat and the feature, it worked. Daveys was the only car I saw in the pits without a blistered right rear tire. The amount of blistering differed, but Daveys was the only one with no blistering. It was great race with a deserved first victory for the third generation Driver.

    2014 Harvest Classic at Madera Speedway

    Winged World Series


    1. 60 Tim Skoglund, 12.756;

    2. 3 Kyle Vanderpool, 12.800;

    3. 98 Davey Hamilton, Jr., 12.931;

    4. 15 Eric Humphries; 13.005;

    5. 40 Cody Gerhardt, 13.133;

    6. 10 Donnie Large, 13.228;

    7. 4 Alan Beck, 13.316;

    8. 68 Marvin Mitchell, N/T.

    Heat 1: 1. Vanderpool; 2. Skoglund; 3. Humphries; 4. Hamilton.

    Heat 2: 1. Large; 2. Gerhardt; 3. Beck; 4. Mitchell.

    Feature: 1. Hamilton; 2. Vanderpool; 3. Gerhardt; 4. Skoglund; 5. Large; 6. Humphries; 7. Beck; 8. Mitchell.

    by Gerald Laurie.


    Edit by Paul for space

    Madera Speedway Points as of 9/22/2014.

    Sprint/Super Series.

    Sept 22, 2014 Points

    Postion, Car, Driver, Points....

    1,.... 3,.... *Kyle Vanderpool*.... 325.

    2,... 60,.... *Tim Skoglund*.... 300.

    3,.... 40,....*Cody Gerhardt*.... 239.

    4,.... 10,.... *Donnie Large*.... 166.

    5,.... 12,.... *Steve Johns*.... 159.

    6,.... 19,.... *Art Mc Carthy*.... 158.

    7,.... 68,.... *Marvin Mitchell*.... 155.

    8,.... 4,.... *Alan Beck*.... 154.

    9,.... 99,.... *Jeff Collins*.... 137.

    10,.... 7,.... *JoJo Helberg*.... 112.

    11,.... 32,.... *Jim Birges*.... 98.

    12,.... 15,.... *Eric Humphries* 91.

    13,.... 98,.... *Ken Hamilton* 90.

    14,.... 96,.... *Brandon Smith* 75.

    15,.... 98,.... *DJ Hamilton*.... 53.

    16,.... 40A,....*Joey Aguilar*.... 45.

    17,.... 96n,....*Chad Nichols*.... 30.

    Alan Beck!!

    Updated 9/22/14

    Have a Great JOYFUL DAY!





    Paul and Ezekiel Sylvia.

    Teams if you would like your Car picture posted please send pictures to E-mail below, Thanks.