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supermodified racing Welcome to Paul's racing page. welcome to paul's racing page supermodified racing paul sylvia Welcome to Paul's racing page. Welcome to Paul's racing page.

  • *Old School*

  • Also Madera Speedway Has the Vintage Supermodifieds Class!! These Race Cars might by Vintage but it is the back bone of the Open Wheel Racing we enjoy now. Pictured Below is a Vintage race car build by Mike Sargent who many of the Supers on the West Coast that many drivers won using Mike Sargent Chassis.

  • The 360 Super Modifieds will have good teams, good Equipment, good Race cars, Good Drivers. So make time to see and watch the teams put on a great Open Wheel show and support your Local Track and your Favorite team and Drivers by Attending the Race. Pictured Below in a Sample of one of the teams in 2015.

    Hays Brothers Race Team!

    Hays Brothers Racing!

  • The Supermodifieds post a very fast speed in Qualifications and these Race cars and teams work hard on the set up to provide Fans watching the Fastest short track time and speed. The Central Valley California is Home of many great Drivers and the Quickest Supermodifieds. The Economy is keeping the car counts low but the speeds the times show the Racers and crew know how to set up and provide the Fastest open wheeled cars on the short tracks!!

  • The Supermodifieds were known before "AS THE ROAD TO INDY". Many Super teams work hard in car preperation and finding ways to get maximum handling and horspower making the Supers the fastest at our LOCAL TRACKS!.

    I really feel EAST and WEST COAST need to work together and make Supers into combined all out * run what you brung * and to spark new ideas and sponsorship.

  • From Madera Speedway Website.


    Madera, Ca. (5.7.17) - The Vukovich Classic is an annual event at the Madera Speedway to pay tribute to one of the valley's greatest racing families, and the event this year was led by storytelling that was like a movie script.

    The Legends of Kearney Bowl is an amazing group of individuals dedicated to keeping the history of valley racing alive, the announcer for that group is legendary Ken Takeuchi and one could write a book from notes taken from a conversation with Ken. Ken told stories Saturday night about watching Bill Vukovich Sr. drive a car in the grape vineyards prior to any racing experience and then all the way to the brickyard and everything in between, stories like this were told all over the grounds Saturday night at the Madera Speedway.

    On the racing front there was a lot of action in many different races throughout the evening but the biggest cheers from the crowd came from a race where fans witnessed a straight up San Jose style super modified piloted by Kyle Vanderpool take on winged sprint cars and offset super modifieds. With just three laps to go in the main event Vanderpool drove past Eric Humphries who was driving a winged sprint car and then on the white flag with the fans on their feet Vanderpool drove the old super modified into turn three a mile on the outside of the offset super modified driven by lance Jackson and with the left front tire way in the air Vanderpool found the checkered flag first driving Mike Sargent's super modified.

    Pictures by of Rachel Cam!! Thank you for Great Action Shots of the Vuokovich 2017 Race.

    Next Race at Madera Speedway will be update is courtesy by Rachel Cam!

    Thank you Rachel for the GREAT ACTION SHOTS and keeping the Racing Spirit alive at Madera Speedway the Heart of California Racing!

    MADERA Speedway had it's awesome race: 8/12/2017

    August 12th - PCS Super Late Model Series (Pacific Challenge Series), Race #6 of the Super Hobby Stock Series 50 laps, CSS/360 Super Modfieds, USAC HPD Midgets, MST, F4's

    8/12/2017 Race Covered by Rachel Cam!

    Thank you Rachel for the Awesome racing shots of the 360 Supermodifieds. The Challenges of the Drivers and the teams show the first class openwheel racing that the fans have seen over many many years. The Supermodified racing from the Heart of the Central Valley of California. Many Drivers that raced Supermodifieds at Madera have Raced in the Indy 500 such as Paul Durant and Tony Steward to name a few. The race teams work on their racecars all week and use scales to the "SETUP" just right. Many factors in setting up these Supermodifieds come into play like track temperature and fuel loads and wing angles to name a few. Each team and Driver bring their best setup and racecars to give the racefans the best in Openwheel racing.

    The Next 360 Supermodified race at Madera Speedway will be on Sept 16 2017 the 45 Annual Harvest Classic Race. Be sure to come out to see the race teams reach the ultimate setup to achieve the Race Victory. This is the 45 Annual Harvest Classic which has a long history of great races over the years. Thanks Rachel for the great action shots.

    Pictured Below is Hard charging Art McCarthy Drive His Sprint Car at Antioch.

    Art McCarthy!!

    Pictured above is Art McCarthy.

    McCarthys Spectacular Win

    360 Winged Sprints

    Antioch All Star Winged 360 Main Event - August 19, 2017

    Finish Car Driver Hometown Points

    1 19 Art McCarthy San Jose, Ca 50

    2 4 Burt Foland Jr. Campbell, Ca 48

    3 87p Jacob Tuttle Oakley, Ca 46

    4 7h Jake Haulot Cotati, Ca 44

    5 52 Dave Lindt Jr. Sebastopol, Ca 42

    6 55 Marissa Polizzi Santa Rosa, Ca 40

    7 18 Jenna Frazier Sacramento, Ca 38

    8 8 Dan Gonderman Antioch, Ca 36

    9 24 David Dias Sacramento, Ca 34

    10 28b Adam Brenton Oroville, Ca 32

    12 10k Roberto Kirby Santa Rosa, Ca 28

    11 33 Jason McIntosh Santa Rosa, Ca 30

    13 9 Pete Paulson Woodland, Ca 26

    14 95 Jason Paniagua Rio Linda, Ca 24

    15 82j Steve Jacquith Chowchilla, Ca 5 DNS

    16 2m Aaron Miller Grants Pass, OR 5 DNS

    Art McCarthy!!

    Above Pictures courtesy of John Roboski!! Many Thanks!! Look forward to Racing Season 2017.

    Alan Beck!!

    Beck Racing!!

    Nice Pictures Courtesy of *RACHEL* Many Thanks for the Great Pictures!!

    Updated 8/23/2017

    Next Update 8/24/2017

    Have a Great JOYFUL DAY!





    Paul and Ezekiel Sylvia.

    Some of the 360 Supers before from SMRA.

    Teams if you would like your Car picture posted please send pictures to E-mail below, Thanks.

  • PRAY for *Jeff Russell * Racing. Get Well My Friend

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