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supermodified racing Welcome to Paul's racing page. welcome to paul's racing page supermodified racing paul sylvia Welcome to Paul's racing page. Welcome to Paul's racing page.

  • PRAY for *Jeff Russell * Racing. Get Well My Friend



  • The Supermodifieds post a very fast speed in Qualifications and these Race cars and teams work hard on the set up to provide Fans watching the Fastest short track time and speed. The Central Valley California is Home of many great Drivers and the Quickest Supermodifieds. The Economy is keeping the car counts low but the speeds the times show the Racers and crew know how to set up and provide the Fastest open wheeled cars on the short tracks!!

    The Supermodifieds were known before "AS THE ROAD TO INDY". Many Super teams work hard in car preperation and finding ways to get maximum handling and horspower making the Supers the fastest at our LOCAL TRACKS!.

    Many great talent started in Supers.

  • Billy Vukovich, III
  • Paul Durant
  • Tony Stewart
  • Davey Hamilton,

    to name a few Supermodified Drivers that ran INDY.

    I really feel EAST and WEST COAST need to work together and make Supers into combined all out * run what you brung *

    and to spark new ideas and sponsers.

  • The next Open Wheel event at Madera will be September Harvest Classic.

    November 21st - Marshall Sargent Classic / King of the Wing National Sprint Car series, USAC HPD Midget Series, NCMA/PBR Spec Sprints, Open Legends Mega Bucks Event... Call Track for Details....


    Race August 9, 2014. Madera..

    Winged World Series

    Round No. 5 of the Super Modified vs. Winged Sprints


    1. 3 Kyle Vanderpool, 12.654;

    2. 7 Jo Jo Helberg, 12.654;

    3. 40 Cody Gerhardt. 120.964;

    4. 60 Tim Skoglund, 13.029;

    5. 10 Donnie Large, 13.322;

    6. 19 Art McCarthy, 13.615;

    7. 4 Alan Beck, 13.665


    1. Helberg; 2. Vanderpool;

    3. Skoglund; 4. Gerhardt;

    5. Large; 6. McCarthy;

    7. Beck.


    1. Helberg; 2. Vanderpool;

    3. Skoglund; 4. Gerhardt;

    5. Large; 6. Beck; 7. McCarthy

    Helberg to Feature winner follower by Vanderpool.

    For the results of the Winged World Series No. 5 at Madera Super Modified vs. Winged Sprints go to

  • Supermodified Racing News.

    The next Open Wheel event at Madera will be September at the Harvest Classic.

    September 13th - Harvest Classic presented by Midland Tractor and John Deere! Round #6 of the Super Modifieds vs the Winged Sprints!!!!!!!

    Madera Speedway Points as of 8/31/3014 Super/Sprint Series.

    Postion, Car, Drive, Points....

    1, 3, Kyle Vanderpool, 270.

    2, 60, Tim Skoglund, 249.

    3, 40, Cody Gerhardt, 190.

    4, 12, Steve Johns, 159.

    5, 19, Art McCarthy, 158.

    6, 99, Jeff Collins, 137.

    7, 10, Donnie Large, 120.

    8, 68, Marvin Mitchell, 118.

    9, 4, Alan Beck, 114.

    10, 7, JoJo Helberg, 112.

    11, 32, Jim Birges, 98.

    12, 98, Ken Hamilton, 90.

    13, 96, Brandon Smith, 75.

    14, 15, Eric Humphries, 48.

    15, 40A, Joey Aguilar, 45.

    16, 96n, Chad Nichols, 30.

    Alan Beck!!

    Updated 9/1/14

    Have a Great JOYFUL DAY!





    Paul and Ezekiel Sylvia.

    Teams if you would like your Car picture posted please send pictures to E-mail below, Thanks.