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An Account of Theodore R. Hazen, Jr., Qualifications and Experience.

An Account of Theodore R. Hazen, Jr., Qualifications and Experience.

Theodore R. Hazen


Table of Contents

Personal Objective
Other Major & Minor Work Experiences
Summary of Work Experience
Published Articles
Unpublished Manuscripts
Consultation & Related Mill Work
Other Accomplishments
Research Projects

Personal Objective

My grandfather was a millwright. My father at one time constructed mill dams. I grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania with a love and understanding for water mills and mill technology. I have spent years studying mills. I realized when I became interested in the subject that it was near the end of an era. Books are helpful, but there were few in local libraries. In reading the books I had available, I realized they were rarely written by people with practical experience. I wanted to learn the way the old-timers had, by hands-on experience. I developed friendships with several millers and millwrights and gained this knowledge from them about what had been their lives' occupation. So I learned from millers, millstone dressers, and millwrights who had learned in the same way.

A millwright learns his trade as an apprentice. And over time, he builds his skills to become a master millwright. A good millwright knows how to go about milling, so everything is right. He puts love and care into everything he does. A good millwright is a craftsman who takes pride in his work.

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Millwright, Millstone Dresser, Milling Consultant (8/95 to present)
Pond Lily Mill Restorations
Self employment

Major Duties: Master miller, millwright, millstone dresser, milling consultant, mill restorations, restoration reports, blueprints and drawings, interpretation and musem program development, web page construction for Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page and Friends of Pierce Mill.

Technical Duties: Experience in historical preservation and restoration while working for the National Park Service, Virginia's Explore Park and by self-employment under the name of Pond Lily Mill Restorations. I have detailed knowledge of historical structures, environmental materials interactions, conservation materials and methodologies. I have done building renovation, dismantling, storage, and reconstruction. I have done inspection of structures and machinery with the knowledge of necessary to write restoration, preservation, museum, exhibit and interpretive planning. I have strong organizational skills and experience in preparing project completion reports, documenting preservation and restoration projects along with the experience, knowledge of early building technology and craft trades.

The Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page (4/96 to present)

Web Site Description: Reference information on flour milling, water power, water wheels, and millstones is presented by Ted Hazen of Pond Lily Mill Restorations. Included are articles on Oliver Evans, Fitz, millstone dressing, and the evolution of automated flour mill technology, as well as excerpts from historical texts such as "The Young Millwright and Miller's Guide." Mills and water power are still a practical and environmentally friendly alternative technology.

4-Star Magellan Rating of Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page Site.

Excite Review of Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page:
"A gem of a site for all who are interested in the history of flour mills and the restoration of those that still exist. The Roanoke, Virginia site is filled with links to related organizations, books, historical archives and photographs. A surprisingly interesting site."

See Examples of Work Projects See: Consultation & Related Mill Work

Consultant on Grist Mill Project (9/98 to 9/2002)
Historical [Maintenance] Construction
(winter 1996 to 9/98 )
Grist Mill Project: Millwright (11/96 to 9/98)
Nineteenth Century Educator [Interpreter] (8/96 to 11/97)
Blacksmith Shop: Blacksmith [Interpreter] (1997 season)
Houtz Barn & Blacksmith Shop [Interpreter] (1996 season)

Virginia's Explore Park (the Park Closed & Ceased Regular Operations on November 30, 2007).
Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 115, Post Office Box 8508, Roanoke, Virginia 24014-0508
Telephone: (540) 427-1800 Toll Free: (800)842-9163 Fax: (540)427-1880

Former Supervisor in Historic Construction: Allen McGrady, Historic Structures Supervisor, Telephone extension: 340.

Former Supervisor in Historic Area: Kimberly A. Burnette-Dean, 19th Century Area Coordinator, Telephone extension: 330.. E-mail:

Major Duties: Historical construction and maintenance of historical structures primarily in 19th century area, including fencing, gutters, windows, doors, walls, in interpretive, craft demonstration areas and visitor areas, animal stalls and enclosures. Construct items for usage in historical areas: desk & stool, cabinet, sign, steps, porches, wheat cradle, shaving horse, work benches, etc. Construct items in visitor areas: donation boxes, store shelving, concession stand. Refinish and repair historical furniture, redesign Blacksmith Shop (including maintaining and preserving period bellows), animal care, minor electrical and plumbing repairs, harvest bark and repair wigwam, use period tools & nails were visible to public. Do historical research on grist mill structure (work with family, relatives and community) and present reports.

Technical Duties: Conduct field survey of grist mill, dismantle and store grist mill, rebuild grist mill parts, restore millstone hurst frame, locate and dismantle mill for missing parts for grist mill, draw grist mill plans, power & flow diagrams, conduct research & interviews, project outline stages of restoration and work schedules for grist mill. Appraise donated items, determine conditions and values, replace worn and missing parts, work with pattern, foundry and machine shops.

Educational Duties in Blacksmith Shop: Developed outlines and programs for each presentation to meet the particular age group and interest level of visitors and school groups. Trained volunteers as a blacksmith's apprentice. Develop outlines and programs for future use in the grist mill.

Grist Mill Project Documents:
"Sloan's Grist Mill History Study & Related Information on the Grist Mills of Franklin County, Virginia, Mill Site Demolition & History Study," 23 pages text, January 1997.
"Esom Sloan's Grist Mill South Prong Pigg River - Turner's Creek Area, Ferrum Vicinity, Virginia, Mill Site Field Survey Notes & Drawings," 16 pages text, 12 sheets drawings, December 1996 - January 1997.
"Grist Mill Restoration & Site Feasibility Development Plan, A Mill Site Study for Virginia's Explore Park," 57 pages text, plus maps, illustrations and additional material, December 1996
"Beckett's Mill Inspection Report," 5 pages text, September 25, 1996.

Blacksmith and Wheelwright Shop Project Document:
"Proposed Changes to Blacksmith and Wheelwright Shop at Virginia's Explore Park," photographs, tool list, references, 13 pages, June 1997.

Mill Operator [Lead Interpreter - Site Supervisor - Position Wage Grade 7/9] (9/84 to 6/95)
Peirce Mill, Rock Creek Park
2375 Tilden St., N.W. (intersection of Beach Dr. and Tilden St.)
Washington, D.C. (202) 426-6908

Rock Creek Park, National Park Service
3445 Williamsburg Lane, N.W.,Washington, D.C. 20008-1207 (202) 282-1063

Former Supervisor: Stephen Strach, former Cultural Resource Specialist. Last know work place: The American Battlefields Protection Program, a unit of the NPS located on North Capitol Street, Washington, D.C. (202) 343-4259 or (202) 343-3449.  Stephen G. Strach deceased 3, October 2005.

Major Duties: Program Manager, Curator of Molinology, and National Park Service Bookstore Outlet Manager. Responsible for the maintenance and operation of a water powered flour mill. Prepared and presented living history demonstrations to school groups, instructors, social, civic, university, and special interest groups. Developed outlines and programs for each presentation to meet the particular age group and interest level. Trained volunteers. Prepared work schedules, job orders, maintenance requests, requisitions. Acted as the mill's safety and fire officer and flood evacuation coordinator. Prepared press releases, technical reports. Maintained museum exhibits and artifacts collections. Conducted interpretive talks, walks, and craft demonstrations. Wore period clothing. Operated bookstore outlet. Wrote U.S. Public Health Service standards. Maintained files, records, logbooks, reference materials. Created visual aids and period tools for interpretive presentations. Wrote goals and objectives for site. Maintained structure and grounds. Split fire wood and kindling to heat building during winter months and shovel snow.

Technical Duties: Miller, Millstone Dresser, and Millwright. Responsible for maintaining and operating a 19th century flour mill. Maintains all working components of the mill in an operating condition including gudgeons, water wheel, main shaft, belts, sifters, elevators, bolters, and other mechanical parts. Dresses and balances millstones. Inspects and maintains all mechanical components daily to insure the smooth and continuous operation of the mill. Corrected all imbalances and lubricates all mechanical parts. Effected repairs to all mechanical parts,constructs replacement parts and machinery when necessary. Advises management of solutions needed to complete larger repairs, make necessary drawings and reports. Prepares work orders, requisitions and provides technical advice. Responsible for general maintenance and repair to mill building, including carpentry, stone masonry, math, electrical, plumping and painting. Ability to read and prepare technical diagrams, blueprints and other structural and mechanical documents to operate the mechanical systems, to effect repairs to the same, and to maintain the structural integrity and security of the mill. I have a practical knowledge of the mechanical operations of 19th century flour mills and I am able to demonstrate the safe operation of all moving components of the mill system in processing of grain into flour. Passes annual U.S. Public Health Service inspections & maintains health standards for the production of flour and meal products for the sale to the public.

Experience Summary: Museum Exibit Specialist. I have practical knowledge of milling practices, nutritional value of grains, general physics and mechanics, water power, the material culture of a miller and millwright, and early American agricultural practices. I restored the components of the four story Oliver Evans automated flour mill, returning the mill to operation. I wrote manuals, established guidelines, and standard operating procedures for Pierce Mill.

Park Ranger [Interpreter-Park Ranger position
(second shift, full and part-time as needed 9/88 to 7-90)
National Mall (Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Monument,
Vietnam Veterans Memorial) Supervisor: Ron Crawford (retired)
Mall Operations, NPS, National Capital Region, Washington, D. C. 20001

First-person Interpretation [Character Interpreter volunteer position]
Colonial Candle Light Programs (evenings once a month 03/86 to 08/94)
Old Store House circa 1765
3051 M Street, N.W., Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
Supervisor: Rae Koch (retired), new Supervisor: Cathy Ingram (deaf)
National Park Service, Rock Creek Park
3545 Williamsburg Lane, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008-1207

Mill Consultant and Millstone Dresser (12-84 to 6-92)
Hazen & Howell Millstone Dressing (subcontractors)
Manitou Machine Works, Inc. (Millwright Tom Rick & Mill Consultant Charles Howell - deceased - business closed)
14 Morris Avenue, Cold Springs, New York 10516 (closed)

Miller (part-time 6/78 to 12/79 and full-time 1/81 to 6/81)
F. A. Drake's Mill (Mill owner Harry N. Moffatt & Miller's Helper Clarence Moffatt - deceased - mill closed)
Drakes Mills, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania 16403

Apprentice Millstone Dresser (part-time 5/73 to 12/81)
Roth Milling Company (Master Miller & Millstone Dresser: Paul W. Roth - deceased)
Maple Street, Prospect, Pennsylvania 16052

Miller & Weight Master (full time 8/80 to 12/80)
Apprentice Miller and Millwright (full and part-time 5/73 to 5/78)
Zortman's Flour & Feed Company (Owner Charles L. Zortman & Head Miller Edward Zessinger -  deceased)
15 Mill Street, Edinboro, Pennsylvania 16412

Other duties: Weight master, cleaning mill, machinery and structural maintenance and rebuilding, and interpretation of mill's history and operation to visitors and school groups. Zortman's Flour & Feed Company (Charles Zortman Jr., -deceased, miller Ed Zessinger deceased- master miller Arthur Henry, sr. deceased, Zortman's Flour & Feed Co. & Keystone Milling Co. - mill torn down and the area now a public park).

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Other Major & Minor Work Experiences

Dispatcher, Order Picker, Material Handler, & Order Processor
(Full and part-time work seasonal since October 2000, and full-time permanent since August 2004 to July 2007) Personalization Department, Lillian Vernon Corporation, 2400 International Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Supervisor Regina Smith.
House & Pet Sitter (various times, dates and locations, a total of 9 years), Washington, D.C., and Virginia Beach, VA Residence - Louise Meyer; Residence Beton T. Hickock; Residence Ken Valentine, etc.
Gardner & Grounds Maintenance (7 years - part-time), Private Residence, 2400 Tilden Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008 Dr. Bernard Jules Sussman. 
Gardner & Grounds Maintenance (part-time), Private Residence, Upton Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008, Anita Lorraine wife of the former late Ambassador of Chile to the U.S. - deceased.
Guard Rail Installer (2 years), Phillips Construction, Overbrook Drive, Gaffney, SC Owner Robert L. Phillips - deceased.
Miller, Farmer, Blacksmith & Interpreter (* seasonal), John P. Cable Mill, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN, Great Smoky Mountains Association, Gatlinburg, TN Head Miller Pete Tipton -  retired. .
Sand Molder, Foundry Casting, & Interpreter (* seasonal), Silver Dollar City, Pigeon Forge, TN
Bridge Worker (* temporary), Linn Cove Viaduct, Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville, NC
School District Floor Maintenance (* summer job), Service Master, Turtle Creek, PA
Oil Well Worker (*), Astro Well Service, Radliff City, OK Owner -
Installation of Solar Hot Water System (* summer work), Private Residence, Meadville Street, Edinboro, PA Self employment.
Radial Drill Operator (*), National Forge Corporation, Erie, PA Foreman -
Machine Operator-Radial Drills (11 months 2nd shift), General Electric Corporation, East Lake Road, Erie, PA Foreman - 
Insulation Installer (* CETA job), Erie County Housing Authority, Corry, PA Working Lead -
Highway Worker (* 6 months - CETA Job), Pennsylvania Department of Transpiration (Penn Dot), Route 6N, Albion, PA Foreman James Diehl.
Volunteer Fireman (2 years) Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department, Edinboro, PA
Campus Security Aide (* summer job - evenings), Campus Police, Edinboro State College, Edinboro, PA
Metal Degreaser & Metal Finisher (* 2nd shift), Penn Union, Route 6N, Edinboro, PA Foreman - deceased.
Painter's Helper & Metal Finisher (*), Le Boeuf Refinishing Products, Route 86, Waterford, PA Owner Emory Metzler & Supervisor Norman Metzler.
Shipping Department Manager (2 years), Glenn Electric Heater, Erie, PA Production Manager - retired.
Old Barn & Tree Removal, Construction& Remodeling (4 years- part-time), Edinboro - Cambridge Spring area, PA  Self employment. Undergraduate Assistant in Ceramics Department (1 semester), Edinboro State College, Edinboro, PA Professors: Donna Nicholas, Steve Kemenyffy, George Ferguson, & Graduate Student Linda (Trevi) Terrell.
Receiving & Storeroom Clerk (2 1/2 years), College Storeroom. Edinboro State College, Edinboro, PA Supervisor Clark C. Potter & Head Storeroom Clerk Earl Hunt deceased. 
Student Aide (Summer Job), College Copying Room, Edinboro State College, PA 
Janitor & Building Maintenance
(4 1/2 years), St. James Elementary School, Buffalo Road, Erie, PA Head Janitor Charles Joint - deceased.
Hardware & Lumber Yard Clerk (*), Buffalo Road Hardware & Lumber Co., Buffalo Road, Harborcreek, PA
Television & Radio Repairman (2 years), Sal's Radio & TV, Camphausen Avenue, Erie, PA Owner Sal Blasko - deceased.
Farm Labor (* part-time & seasonal work), Picking cherries, apples, grapes, peaches, grapes and strawberries. Grape vine trimming and tying, fence construction and repair. Barn and stall repair, and maintenance. Horse care, hoof trimming, and plowing. Cattle, dairy, pig and hog, chicken, sheep, geese, turkey and sheep raising. Tobacco harvesting, corn harvesting and haying. Maple syrup and cider making, feed milling, saw and planning mill worker. A variety of locations over many years in several states, beginning at a young age into adulthood.

* Indicates time worked one year or less. This is do to a number of factors: relocation, new position, season & summer employment, temporary employment, laid-off, and funding for position ran out.

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Summary of Work Experience.

Flour, Feed, & Grain Miller............240 months.
Interpreter & Educator...................204 months.
Park Ranger.....................................186 months.
Supervisor & Manager....................156 months.
Museum Curator.............................129 months.
Historical Restoration......................228 months.
Web Designer...................................122 months.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts [B.F.A.]
Major-Ceramics, Minors- Art History, Drawing, Geology, May 1978
Edinboro State College [now Edinboro University of Pennsylvania], Edinboro, PA 16444.

Bachelor of Arts [B.A.]
Major - Art History & Museum Studies, May 1981.
[Polish National] Alliance College (last graduation May 7, 1987, closed June 1987)
The campus has been converted into a minimum-security facility for women in 1990 by the Commonwealth Pennsylvania, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. 16403.

Masters of Arts [M.A.]
Masters of Arts [M.A. 60 Credits] in Museum Studies - Education - May 2003.
Master's Thesis: "Molinology in America and its Interpretation in Milling Museums."
(Molinology is the "study of mills.") University has closed sometime after 2007.

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The Society for the Preservations of Old Mills (SPOOM): Annual member 1974-2004.

Old Mill News Cartoonist 1984 - 2003.
Member of the Board of Directors 19941996
Technical Advisory Committee (1984-1996) & Publications Committee (1994-1996)
SPOOM Annual Conferences 1982, 1985, 1990, 1992, 1995 (years of attendance).

The International Molonogical Society (T.I.M.S.): Lifetime member

The International Molonogical Society of America (T.I.M.S.-America): Former member.

Society of Workers in Early Arts and Trades (SWEAT): Former member.

Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR): Former member.

The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM): Former member.

American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) former member.

The Pioneer America Society: Association for the Preservation of Artifacts and Landscapes (PAS: APAL) former member.

Coalition of National Park Service Retirees (C.N.P.S.R.).

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Published Articles

"A-No.1 At Rest At Last," A Film Review of "Emperor of the North Pole" (1973),, March 2006.

"In Memory - Donald c. Wisensale (1911-2002)," the father of mill restoration, Old Mill News, Winter 2003.

"History of Esom Sloan's Grist Mill," and "Architecture of Esom Sloan's Grist Mill," Esom Sloan's Grist Mill Is A Combined Reconstruction/Restoration Project! Virginia's Explore Park Web Site.

"A Cross Section of a Typical Oliver Evans Mill," diagram by Ted Hazen, appeared in article; "Life in Early America: The Legacy of Water Mills," by Patricia O. LaLand, Early American Life, February 2001.

"Franklin County Master Miller and Millwright will be missed (William "Bill" Clements, Sr. 1917-2000)," Old Mill News, Winter 2001.

"Popular Grove Revisited, the Popular Grove Tide Mill," Old Mill News, Winter 2000.

Windmills (The Great Architecture Series), by Laura Brooks, (abridged book review), June 1999, (reprinted unabridged version) Old Mill News, Fall 1999.

"1840 Carolina Village," (3 part mini-series PBS video review), Old Mill News, April 1999.

"Manufacturing Water Wheels: A Family Affair for the Fitz's," Hydro-Review, August 1997.

"A Flour Mill Sanitation Manual by Robert Mills and John Pedersen" (book review), Old Mill News, Summer, 1997.

"Wade's Mill, Raphine, Virginia," Old Mill News, Winter 1997.

"Millstone Dressing - Part 2," Old Mill News, Summer 1996 reprinted Hampshire Mills Group Newsletter, Winter 1997.

"Millstone Dressing - Part 1," Old Mill News, Winter 1996 reprinted Hampshire Mills Group Newsletter, Spring 1997.

"The Hopper-Boy of Oliver Evans," Old Mill News, Summer 1995.

"A History of the Fitz Water Wheel Company," Old Mill News, Winter 1995.

"Origins of Ed & Fred," (original cartoon series), Old Mill News, Fall 1994.

"Today at Peirce Mill-How it Works" (text and drawing), Peirce Mill (folder), G.P.O. 1990, reprint 1991, revision and reprint 1995.

"How Does It Work?" (text and drawing), Peirce Mill (folder), Parks & History Association, Washington, D.C. 1987, reprint 1989.

"Peirce Mill Volunteer Handbook," (Peirce Mill history & milling technology), Peirce Mill, Rock Creek Park, Washington, D. C., 1987.

"Milling along Rock Creek," (text), Rock Creek Park, (folder), Parks & History Association, Washington, D. C. 1986, reprint 1988.

"How the Roller Mill Changed the Milling Industry," Old Mill News, January 1980.

"Drake's Mill," Old Mill News, January 1979.

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Unpublished Manuscripts

"The Flour Mill Book, A collection of Essays on the Developments of the Flour Milling Industry," 35 chapters, milling terms, and appendixes, approximately 215,000 words.

"A Practical Milling Guide: A Reference and Information Source for Beginners," drawn sheets, 1983. SPOOM Archives, Catawba County Historical Society, Newton, North Carolina.

"The Miller's and Millwright's Secrets Revealed: An Apprentice's Notebook," drawn sheets, 1984. SPOOM Archives, Catawba County Historical Society, Newton, North Carolina.

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Consultation & Related Mill Work

Water system restoration and feasibility study to restore historical mill to water powered operation (report to restore mill machinery and install millstones, repair the Fitz Water Wheel, and water system, photos and drawings) 1979-80.
Mathew's Mill (mill never fully restored - mill owner Walter Mathews deceased - mill closed).
Pennsylvania State Route 31, Jones Mill, Pennsylvania.

Mill restoration and mill operation plan (text and drawings) 1982.
Hamm-Roberts Mill (turbine powered roller mill fully operational, mill owner Sena Ward deceased - mill closed).
Virginia State Route 601, and South Fork of the Holston River Sugar Grove, Virginia 24375

Restoration report (text to rebuild dam, sluice box and machinery, photos, drawings) Spring 1982.
Cox Mill, a.k.a. Saddle Creek Mill, Brookside Mill (mill never restored - Mr. Cox and cousin (co-owner) not aggree on future funcion of mill - mill never reopened).
South of US Route 58, and Saddle Creek, Independence, Virginia.

Millstone dressing (in process for future mill restoration) Winter 1988.
Miller Emily Barton McGuire and Master Millstone dresser Charles Howell deceased.
Wye Mill- circa 1664-1671.
Maryland State Route 404, Wye Mills, Maryland.

Millstone dressing demonstration (crafts festival weekend) Summer 1989.
Hazen & Howell Millstone Dressing - Master Millstone dresser Charles Howell deceased.
Historic Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Millstone dressing (2 pairs of French millstones) Summer 1991.
Master millstone dresser Charles Howell deceased.
Burwell-Morgan Mill
Virginia State Route 723, Old Route 50, Millwood, Virginia.

Mill restoration and operation report (text to explain the operation of their turbine powered roller mill versus the original water wheel powered Oliver Evans millstone mill of 1858, with photos and drawings) Summer 1994.
(turbines and roller system later removed-water wheel and millstones milling system installed)
Pickwick Mill (six story limestone mill built 1858).
Friends of Pickwick Mill Foundation, Winona, Minnesota.

Rehabilitation of original millstones report (drawings and text) Winter 1995-96.
Kirby's Mill (George Day contact person).
Medford Historical Society, 275 Church Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055-9585

Mill restoration project rebuilding hurst frame (with drawings and plans)1996-2000.
Graves Mill-circa 1774, burned July 1967, now rebuilt. (Paul G. Graves-deceased 3 December 2001)
Paul G. Graves, 1220 Graves Mill Road, Lynchburg, Virginia 24502 (804) 385-8168

Millstone installation, adopt a pair of vertical Meadows Burr Mill millstones to operate horizontally in mill (with drawings and plans) 1996'.
Anderson Brothers Mill (new water powered mill construction)'
Dr. Charles C. Anderson, M.D.
285 South Airport Road, Farmville, Virginia 23901 (804) 392-9082

Mill consultation (and site inspection) Spring 1997'
Millstone dressing (and site inspection) Summer 1999'
Dellinger Mill, a.k.a. Cane Creek Mill'
Jack D. Dellinger, Bakersville, North Carolina (704) 688-1009 or (828) 688-1009

Mill consultation (site inspection and report) November 1997.
Big Otter Mill, a.k.a. Forbes Mill (mill for sale-mill now donated to Bedford County Historical Society).
David Cole, Route 122 North, Bedford County, Virginia 24523 (540) 297-7266

Report of Hunt's Grist Mill (report on operation and machinery layout, illustrations) April 1998'
Assist college student (Amelia B. Cabral) with writing project.
Hunt's Grist Mill, Old Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

Millstone dressing (2 pairs French Millstones, milling machinery appraisal) November 1998'
Isaac Ludwig Mill, Toledo Metroparks
13827 US Highway 24 West & State Route 578
Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522-9675 (419) 832-6004 or (419) 832-8934
Steve Dey (Head Park Ranger and contact person)
Ludwig Road, Providence, Ohio (419) 832-6004 Monday-Thursday (419) 878-3488 evenings

Millstone dressing of Meadows Mill, and service mill April 1999, May 2003.
Montana Plains Bread Company, Steve Coats (owner).
4925 Boonesboro Road, Lynchburg Virginia 24503
(804) 384-1779 (804) 528-8823 (home) E-mail:

Mill machinery appraisal (report) September 1999.
Hagee Mill (flour and cider mill).
John and Fran Hagee, 78 Isabella Road, Elverson, Pennsylvania 19520 (610) 942-7605

Restoration plan & report (site inspection, text, photos, drawings, complete restoration plan, educational, museum exhibits, grant writing guide, and funding report) August-November 1999.
Barnitz Mill (James Weakley's Mill circa 1768-1772).
Barnitz Mill Road, & Yellow Breeches Creek
Dickinson Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania (Deb Westbrook contact person)
219 Mountain View Road, Mount Holly, Pennsylvania 17065
(717) 486-7424 E-mail:

Dickinson College Freshman Seminar:
Historic Mill Restoration Fall 2000 (Barnitz Mill). Assist students with their projects.

Site inspection report (site inspection, photos, and restoration evaluation) August-October 1999.
Linchester Mill, a.k.a. Upper Hunting Creek Mill, Murray's Mill, Langrell's Mill, circa 1681-82, rebuild 1730, 1870, Linchester, Maryland.
Caroline County Historical Society, c/o Carol Stockley, Box 247, Denton, Maryland 21629

The Appraisal for the Hillendale Farm Power Plant (report) December 1999-January 2000.
Hillendale Farm Power Plant, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.
Robert A. Howard, Anchorage Productions L.L.C.
Box 317, Montchanin, Delaware 19710 (302) 654-2151 Fax: (302) 654-4818

Site Inspection and Evaluation of the Double Mills on Mockingbird Pond, Barren Creek, Wicomico County, Maryland. (site inspection, machinery inventory and restoration evaluation) May 2001.
Double Mills, circa 1880, Mardela Springs, Maryland.
Anne Clay, Preservation Trust of Wicomico County, Friends of Double Mills
P.O. Box 31, Quantico, Maryland 21856 (410) 742-2820

Site inspection and evaluation of a cider mill for restoration, October 2001.
Nesbitt Mill, circa 1848 grist Mill, circa 1908 cider mill, Mendham, Chester County, New Jersey.
Peter A. Primavera, President,Cultural Resource Consulting Group
54 Woodbridge Avenue, Highland Park, New Jersey 08904 (732) 985-4380

Site inspection and evaluation of for possible restoration, March-April 2002.
Booker's Grist Mill, circa 1780-1830, a.k.a. Thornhill Mill, Dixon Mill.
H. Evans Thomas, V, P.C.,Attorney at Law
Post Office Box 673, Appomattox. Virginia 24522-0673
(434) 352-9070 (O) 352-3320 (H) 610-5440 (C)

Site inspection and evaluation of for possible restoration, April 2002.
Anderson's Mill, circa 1789, a.k.a. Nicholl's Mill, Tanner's Mill, North Tyger Mill.
J. Ron Guida, R.Ph.
213 Riveredge Drive, Moore, South Carolina 29369 (864) 574-4510, 497-76-90
E-mail: Not available.

Report on the Linchester Mill and the Linchester Mill Pond Water Power Feasibility Study
(On-site survey and report) March-April 2004
Linchester Mill and the Linchester Mill Pond
Caroline County Historical Society, Post Office Box 514, Denton, Maryland 21629 (410) 479-2055

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Other Accomplishments

The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM) Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Semi-Annual Meeting: August 28th, 2010. Lecture on Heishman's Mill: Design, Construction, Funding and Adventures of a Fish Passageway. A Nature-Like Fish Passageway at Heishman's Mill, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Presented at the Aberdeen Mills, circa 1770, 2405 Mill Road, Elizabethtown, Dauplin County, Pennsylvania.

Mill consultant, historical research into colonial chocolate mills, chocolate mill symposium April 17th to 19th, 2010 at the Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware. Drawings (blueprints) for the reconstruction of the William Wheat Chocolate Mill, Central Falls, Rhode Island, which is an 18th century chocolate mill.  The Confectioners Mill Preservation Society,
Eric J. Whitacre, Executive Director, 570 Miller Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 April 2009 to present

Research and Resource Interpreter for Diller-Heishman;s Mill, project in Carlisle, Pennsylvania to assist Gregory Hanson, Folklore and Heritage Studies at Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas, To provide Mr. Hanson with research materials, historical and technical information on Diller-Heishman's Mill, and other mills of the Pennsylvania Dutch Region of the State. Try and establish the origin of the Pennsylvania Dutch style grist mill design, and how the design was communicated from one millwright to another. Research Awards (The American Folklife Center, Library of Congress), 2009, Gregory Hansen: for a research project on the vernacular architecture and social history of Heishmans Mill, a 19th century grist mill located in central Pennsylvania. August 2009-March 2010.

Provide technical and molinogical assistance to Herb Lapp of Berks County, Pennsylvania, who is working on an article (and perhaps a manuscript) about Thomas Livezey (1723-1790) and about Thomas Shoemaker who sold him a grist mill (actually a merhcant mill) near Germantown in 1747. Thomas Livezey (1723-1790), was a Roxborough merchant miller. The Livezey Mill, built in 1717 on Wissahickon Creek by Thomas Shoemaker, and for a long time the largest grist mill in the colony. Thomas Livezey: Pennsylvania Merchant Miller, Part 1, pages 1-27. July 2008-April 2010.

Worked with Steve Dryden, the Vice President of the Friends of Peirce Mill who is writing a manuscript on Peirce Mill: Two Hundred Years in the Nation’s Capital, 2009, 112 pages. Providing historical information on my 11 years experiences as the miller, and my background knowledges as to the history. Providing contemporary personal, and historical photographs, drawings, and paintings, etc. Friends of Peirce Mill, 4305 38th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016 October 2007-December 2008.

Historical Operation of Water Powered Mills in the State of Pennsylvania, and the Middle Atlantic States, by Theodore. Hazen of Pond Lily Mill Restorations. Part of "Dammed If We Do, Dammed If We Don’t: The Environmental and Preservation Effects of Mill and Lowhead Dam Removal," Thursday, May 15th, 2008, 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM; Commonwealth Keystone Building.
Protecting Pennsylvania's Historic Resources, Heritage Partnerships Conference XXX, May 12th to the 16th, 2008, Keystone Building, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Ted Hazen is mentioned as a millwright and a mill consultant in an article entitled, "Rodent-Proof Your House, Use these techniques to keep your household vermin-free," by Barbara Pleasant, Mother Earth News, October/November 2004, Issue Number: 206, reprinted "Rodent-Proof Your House, Use these techniques to keep your houeshold vermin-free," Grit, April/March 2007, .

Ted Hazen is mentioned as a mill consultant in an article entitled, "Quandary on dams: History vs. nature. Removing or saving the barriers is workshop focus," by Tom Avril, Inquirer Staff Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer, Friday, January 30, 2004. (web site contains an abridged version).

GryffinShyre a plan for a Renaissance theme park in Northern Virginia, Culpeper County. Develop plans for a replica of a 16th century boat or floating Hungarian Mill that will educate the public on the laws of agriculture during the Renaissance period. Work with the parks creator Claire Schuler since January 2004 to the present. 

Ted Hazen is mentioned several times as a mill restorer, Virginia millwright and preservation consultant in an article entitled, "Going with the Flow, Historic dams are being razed or altered to allow fish to spawn. Is there another way? Dam Time, Free the water but respect the past," by Wayne Curtis, photographs by Chris Hartlove, Preservation, the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, D.C., July-August 2003, pages 28-33.

Ted Hazen is quoted and Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page is mentioned in David Larkin's new book: "Mill: The History & Future of Naturally Powered Buildings," Hardcover, 256 Pages, Universe Publishing, November 2000 ISBN: 0789305011  Author: David Larkin, Photographer: Paul Rocheleau. The counterpart book to the "Barn: The Art of a Working Building." David Larkin is a renowned editor, author and book designer whose previous titles include Frank Lloyd Wright: The Masterworks, Shaker Built, Barn and Farm. (2000)

Author's Award & Medallion
, Hydro-Review (1997)

Authorized Service Representative, Millstone Dresser and Millwright (8/1994 to present)
Meadows Mill Company, Inc.
1352 West D Street, Post Office Box 1288, North Wilksboro, North Carolina 28659
(800) 626-2282, (336) 838-2282 E-mail:

Historic Mill Restoration Conference
(restoration of historic mills and millstone dressing classes) Newlin Grist Mill Foundation
Newlin Grist Mill, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania (July 1994)

Colvin Run Mill's Historic Mills Symposiums (restoration, maintenance, millstone dressing and interpretation classes) Fairfax County Park Authority
Colvin Run Mill, Great Falls, Virginia (1985 and 1987)

Certificates for completion of National Park Service classes in Interpretation and Park Operations. Interpretation classes; Interpretation of historic structures; Interpretation for children and special populations; NPS brochures; and the American colonial experience. Historical restoration, and preservation. Defensive driving, fire and safety, and bookstore management classes, etc.
Various dates and locations. National Park Service Training Center, Storer College, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia: Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, Virginia: National Capital Region, NPS, 1100 Ohio Drive, S. W., Washington, D.C., and Catoctin Mountain Park, Thurmont, Maryland (field trips and classes also held at George Washington's Birthplace, National Colonial Farm, St. Mary's City, Colonial Williamsburg, and Jamestown).

Diploma - A.O.M. Correspondence Course in Flour Milling - Milling Science.
Association of Operative Millers, Leawood, Kansas (1984)

Regional Reporter and Cartoonist of "Ed & Fred," Old Mill News (since July 1983)

Certificate (machine operator-drills)
Machine Operator Training Program
General Electric Corporation, Erie, Pennsylvania (1980)

Completion of James W. Parker Middle School Art Student Teaching.
Grade point system: pass-fail. Final grade "passing."
Edinboro Middle School, Pam Zagarella-Ostrander cooperating middle school art teacher.
Edinboro State College, Edinboro, Pennsylvania (Fall 1977)

Teaching Assistant in the Ceramics Department
Edinboro State College, Edinboro, Pennsylvania (Spring 1972)

Certificate in Commercial Art, Illustration & Design
Famous Artist's School, Westport, Connecticut (1972)

1st Place Award, Design and Model for a Visual Arts Center
Erie Area High School Seniors and the Erie Council for the Arts,
Academy High School, Erie, Pennsylvania (1969)

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Research Projects

"Scouller Grist Mill and The Mills along 16 Mile Creek in North East, Pennsylvania," industrial archeological study (text, drawings, photos, maps and plans), summers 1971 and 72
Sponsor Jean Cantrell-deceased, Erie Book Store, Erie, Pennsylvania.

"Keystone Mills, Edinboro, Pennsylvania," reconstruction and restoration study (text, photos, drawings and plans, diorama model) to rebuild the mill for a proposed Bicentennial Project, 1974.

"F.A. Drake's Mill and the History of the Development of the Mill Community, Drake's Mills, Pennsylvania," restoration and mills study (text, photos, drawings and plans, mill model), 1981.
Also authorized by mill owner Harry N. Moffatt to use the name "Pond Lily Mill Restorations," and to incorporate their flour sack logo into my new companies logo.

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Theodore Roosevelt (Grant-Hazzen) Hazen, Jr.


Mr. Hazen is a Master Miller, Millwright, Millstone Dresser, Mill and Milling Consultant, and Molinological Specialist,.  Mr. Hazen has dressed millstones and acted as a milling consultant on a number of mills. He was a close personal friend of the late Charles Howell, master miller, master millstone dresser and millwright, and the late Emily Barton McGuire, miller, molinologist, tool collector, and librarian. Together they dressed millstones and traveled to investigate many mills primarily in the Middle Atlantic States, along with collecting molinological material.

Mr. Hazen shares his knowledge with others as an author of articles and cartoons in the publication OLD MILL NEWS. Mr. Hazen has attended a number of mill restoration conferences, symposiums, and mill society conferences. He has been member of the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills. Mr. Hazen is a lifetime member of the International Molinological Society, as well as others. He has been employed in a number of operating mills, both commercial and public.

Mr. Hazen is America's Leading Authority on the Restoration, Operation, Interpretation and Preservation of Historical Grist and Flour Mills. His web site Pond Lily Mill Restorations is treasure chest with articles about  mill history, milling tools, millstones, historical preservation, you name it (even rodent control). Ted Hazen supplies his extensive knowledge, illustrated information on the history and technology of flour milling in America, and the restoration of water powered mills, with numerous bibliographies.  It encourages research, preservation and restoration of historical water powered mills.  "The efficient miller," says Mr. Hazen, "is a man whose main interest is the preservation of old mill technology, and the interpretation of grinding corn, wheat and other grains." His extensive web site is the most complete source of "free" information on milling available anywhere

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David J. Plunkett
Head Restoration Engineer at Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom, Retired.
Board of Directors Eling Tide Mill, Totton, Southampton, United Kingdom.
20 Selwyn Drive, Yateley, Hants GU46 6QF United Kingdom +44 (0)1252 815037

Kendall Valentine
Federal government administrator, retired
Former Volunteer at Pierce Mill
2916 Upton Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 20008-1151 (202) 244-4482
E-mail: (

Dorn Howlett
Art Education Professor, retired, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
2509 Packard St  Apt B, Ann Arbor  MI  48104 734-302-4033

Robert A. Howard
Engineering Curator, Hagley Museum & Library, retired
Former consulting engineer curator for Peirce Mill
Howard Company, Anchorage Productions,
Box 317, Montchanin, Delaware 19710 (302) 654-2151

William F. Foshag
Aeronautics engineer with the Smithsonian, retired, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C.
Heishman's Mill, 1206 Creek Road, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013-8933 (717) 249-3753

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