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More Images of Historical Millers, some millers of Peice Mill.

More Images of Historical Millers,
some millers of Peice Mill.

The Jolly Miller, Raymond Watt, the miller at Peirce Mill, Rock Creek Park,
Washington, D. C., from 1940 to December 1958.

A representative from the Fitz Water Wheel Company, Hanover, Pennsylvania, makes a trail run of the newly restored Isaac Peirce's Mill in Rock Creek Park.

Miller Robert A. Little began operating the mill on a Sunday of January 10, 1937. The mill once again made flour before the modern machinery age made it a relic of the past. Miller Little test the millstones that will grind wheat and make flour that will be sold in souvenir bags, and be used to made bread and muffins in the Government building cafeterias, and the White House. Tours of the mill were done every half-hour on Sunday from 1 to 5 p. m. by Donald Edward McHenry, park ranger and naturalist

Note the chute inside of the bin that flips back and forth, to fill either side of the double flour bin. Removed in the second restoration and replaced while T. R. Hazen was the miller at the mill.

Raymond Watt who worked as the miller from 1940 until December of 1958. He was in charge of the mill after 1943. Raymond whose friends called him "Wattie," came on weekends to answer questions and add color to the mill until his heath began to fail him in July of 1966. He was short, had a hair lip, and a pushed in nose, but everybody loved him. "They really knew their mechanics on those days," Watt said. He made scale models of the mill and machinery to explain the operation to school children.

So what does these photographs say about the costume of the miller? Was the miller's costume in some cases, just his normal clothing? Discover more while we go in search of more images of historical miller's costumes. These photos are after all, a restored flour mill and not one operating in an historical time period. The next miller Bob Batte's costume was very different from my period historical costume that I wore as the miller at Peirce Mill, from 1984-1995.

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More Images of Historical Millers.

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