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"Crazy as a Loon" said the boys at the mill.........

"Crazy as a Loon" said the boys at the mill..........

about Oliver Evans.
(The Brandywine Millers said that he was Building Wooden Millers!)

but his is recognized today as the genius of the milling industry.

Oliver Evans was born September 13th, 1755 and in the 63 years of his very active life saw milling develop from a localized trade to one of the most important national industries, due, largely, to his own inventive genius.

In 1791 his ideas for an automatic mill was revolutionary, and he had built a mill of his own to demonstrate that those ideas were sound. He licensed the millers of his day to use his inventions and showed the industry how to grow.

He also showed his fellow millers the ideal way to bolt their flour, for he was the first to recommend silk for this purpose, selling it, along with a general line of mill supplies, in his establishment in Philadelphia.

Oliver Evans was the Thomas Jefferson of his day. The belt conveyor and bucket elevator in use today were his inventions. He improved and patented many steam engines and spread his talents over many fields besides milling.

An ad for "Swiss Sil," American Miller magazine.

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