My Thoughts On Y2K

Was there a time of any given day or night consuming thoughts about Y2K worldwide were not discussed? Every channel you turned to on the radio and television for months upon months the same words spoken, "Are you ready for Y2K"? Many people were planning worrying.."What IF ".

Now planning ahead for the necessities of life and prepare for, is not a bad thing. We need food, clothing, monies, etc.

But the question many have asked over and over again, " Will the world stop at 12:01 on Jan. 1. 2000"? Only if it was in God's plan.

We were givin insight and the ability to care for ourselves. If we are cold, then we put on more clothing or turn the heater up. If we are hungry, we prepare the food and eat. How is it then that more people were planning for the Y2K problem then for the second coming of Christ?

Will taking all ones monies out of the bank help prepare for Christs return? Will buying generators and stocking up on food prepare for Christs return?

If you read the scriptures, God has it all planned out. All we are to do is walk in the light for He has taken care of us IF we follow His teachings; believe and accept Jesus as our savior then there would have been no worries about "Y2K ready".

Worries stem from lack of faith. Having faith, a strong faith in Jesus ( who sits at the right hand of God) is a daily and glorious spirtual connection. Then why is it not talked about more. Why when we were given the intelligents to coodinate what we do have control over, through Him, could not we have put to rest the Y2K scare?

Plain and simple; lack of Christian faith.

Was I worried about Y2K and the world stopping? No! Am I worried about Christs return? I am daily preparing and rejoicing with the fact that all Gods children will be one and united with Him in Heaven.

The Y2K scare is over, but preparing for Christ return is not and it is up to us to believe for choices we are given; choices to believe and turn all over to God in His great mastery of plan for we are to trust in the Lord with all our heart. Instead of Y2K awareness that we lived through BECAUSE it was God's will, it should have been CR2 awareness daily ~( Christ returns 2) ~

A wonderful day it will be when Christ returns for His children. Let us all be one of his children. Accept Jesus, believe in your heart He is our savior, ask for forgiveness, and it will be given.

Lets all get CR2 together ~ Let the trumpets sound, let the skies open up ~

photos and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000 - 2010

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