~ Who Am I ~

Who am I, a spirit on earth.

Where is my life? I am living it.

So quiet and still am I here?

Where am I? I just am.

Time moves on I'm in a cloud.

I cannot think where am I now.

I am here I know I am.

No one sees I am!

I am only one but one I am.

I am strong but weary I am.

I am in between here and there.

I am here, I want to be there.

I am still me just look you'll see.

Don't turn your head I am still me!

He suffered so you did not see.

Don't judge me for I am just me.

Where are you now when he is gone.

I am alone you do not see.

Life is too short, tomorrow is not given.

Why can't you see it is not hidden.

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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