~ What Happened That Day ~

Time of innocence, childlike it seemed.

Similar worlds, but not for me.

One day was carefree, others on guard.

Watching my step, waiting for harm.

Outside I would play, some thoughts I had.

Imagination I used, but always so mad.

Fought the dragons I did, in real life and fake.

Struggle to free, the man I did hate.

Robbed of my self pride, and carefree ways.

The dragon within, was here to stay.

Don't touch me please, make him stop.

No one to tell, so I thought.

The years passed by, in a blur there were.

No longer a child, no longer pure.

Emotions were plenty, but too young to know.

My body was my own, why didn't he know.

Advances he took, whenever he chose.

Not a care for me, that's the way it goes.

Too disturbed he was, and didn't care.

My body was mine, I didn't want to share.

Sacred I was told, my bodys mine.

Not for a strangers touch, just wanted to die.

Each touch was so awful, a burnt spot it left.

Hands of the forbidden, yeah right I'll bet.

Why didn't you tell me, someone I knew

Would do this to me, not just a who.

A who is a stranger, not someone I know.

Someone I trusted, as the story goes.

Admired I did, for years it seemed.

Much fun we had, just being friends.

When did it change, from good to bad.

Was it something I said, that made you mad.

What possessed your thoughts, when did it start.

Many unanswered questions, just breaks my heart.

Nightmares I still have, from the scent of hay.

Will never forget, what happened that day.

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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