His hand reaches out across the plains ~ I am O moi ho yah he ~ which he repeats many times telling of himself , the great warrior; once a great warrior with full headdress ,always a warrior.

I have seen, I have witnessed, I have watched others die, I have seen widows, I have seen children with no fathers; I have seen it all, I have lived many years says the warrior ~ I am O Moi' ho' yah 'he'...I Am says the warrior.

He speaks of destruction; end times...

Then an eagle comes into view ~

'as the eagle is preparing, in wait we shall be

he circles with knowing, then turns in flight.

uplift of wings, the wind current takes ~

his eyes see, but do not tell

the seal has been broken

and the cry shall be ~

"Woe, woe, woe,to the people of the earth because of the terrible things that will soon happen when the three remaining angels blow their trumpets"...Revelation 9:13 (The Living Bible) ~~~

The old warrior speaking in a voice that is barely audiable ~ he seems so tired as He speaks and continues His teachings /his talks to the great spirits (God)

He has seen the signs for the end times; his land before man consumed. His land after man consumed.

The plentiful wildlife that was is no longer...

He then sees Jesus on the cross; He sees an eagle with wings covering Jesus ~laying upon him in huddled formation .

He sees a woman at Jesus feet sobbing, "O Lord, don't go...don't go".

Jesus then raises His head slowly with the pain showing upon His face with understanding ~ His eyes speak of what is ~ then He says, "Father, tis done.".

The woman continues to sob ~

Then the eagle raises his head, lifts his wings and carries Jesus home...

I see the eagle lifting ~ ~ ~ lifting ~ ~ ~ lifting Jesus' lifeless human body.

Higher and higher ~ ~ ~ now out of sight.

A bright light comes forth now as Jesus comes back to life ~ He is risen indeed~

Glory Hallelujah!

O the sky is magnificient in color, deep blue with the puffy white cloud that Jesus is standing upon ~ such color one can only see within .

He is clothed in the finest of rob ~ layered and covered as His Father shows honor with.

His face just takes my breathe away for I can feel the love seaping from His very existance. Gods' light shining (brighter than the sun) from behind, casting an ark of the most brilliant shades of yellow/white/silver in color.

Our Lord is risen indeed!


Now the old warrior continues to speak , but now with a twinkle of humor spread across His face.

He has been trying to tell me, I AM Moi' ho' yaah' he ; I AM Moi' ho' yaah' he...

He keeps repeating til I finally realize in my spirit he is speaking his name.

I AM, Moi' ho' yaah' he'.

As soon I realized what He was speaking, I started to giggle, then I could almost feel the warriors smile ~ His eyes lite up; O His eyes, what they have seen!

He is once again going over what He has witnessed as a warrior. He is taking me back to when he was a young buck chasing buffalos.

I see him in the middle of a herd of buffalos riding a huge powerful painted horse.

The warrior is wearing a breastplate of 'armour';bow and arrow ready for battle with the great massive bufflo I see to his right.

Swishhhhhhhhhhhh the arrow goes, down falls the buffalo. The warrior is shouting, I AM moi' ho' yaah' ee' ~ I AM a great warrior.

I see the buffalo close up, his eyes are so dark, glassed over. The warrior shouts once again to the dead buffalo, I AM MOI HO YAAH' Ye'.

I AM, was , and will always be, the Great I AM ~ ~ ~ Lord , Almighty God; and don't we ever ever ever forget it, the one whom controls our very existance, the one who will reclaim His kingdome...

I AM Moi' ho' yaah' he'... the Great I AM.

Because thou hast spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee; because of men's blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city and of all that dwell therein)...Habakkuk 1:8(KJV)

God was, is and always will be;"I Am Alpha and Omega , the beginning and the end, the first and the last."...Revelation 22:13(KJV)

The Great I AM.

photograph and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 7/19/02

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