~ Strength From Within ~

My eyes pop open, a noise I heard.

Rose from my bed, upset I was disturbed.

Reached for my glasses so I could see.

Now find the noise that awakened me.

Down the hallway I go a shadow I see.

My hands are shaking and so are my knees.

A grip I must get, so calm I am.

The shadow has stopped, in the corner it stands.

The light I switch on and to my great surprise.

There is the "dragon" right before my eyes!

My sword I grab and raise ov'r my head.

I will slay this beast until he is dead!

Closer I step, ready to pounce.

All of my strength every mighty ounce.

The dragon looks around no place to go.

He raises his hands, braced for the blow.

I look into his eyes and tears I see.

You cowardly dragon quit foolin me!

Great pain you've caused me now YOU cry!

I see you, will slay you, now say your goodbyes.

He spoke so softy with voice so calm.

We really must talk before the dawn.

Please lower your sword and sit yourself down.

Many things I must tell you and don't make a sound.

Shocked and put out, I did what he said.

So very tired, I just wanted my bed.

He says, I know you are, am tired too!

This will take some time for you have no clue.

He says, I feel your pain, Yeah, right, I reply.

If you feel my pain, then make it disappear!

I would if I could, please trust me I know.

The villain lies within; You can make it go.

Hogwash you say, A villain within!

Closer he steps on his face a grin.

My anger builds up and my hand he takes.

Trust me dear child; it's you I don't hate.

I am your strength when doctors have failed.

I give you courage on your passage through hell.

A bit confused I am but it really makes sense.

The dragon's my friend; it was just a pretense.

Someone to blame and your name so fit.

He understood my thinking, but dragons don't hit.

Fire we breathe for this you know.

But the fire within is your very own soul!

Why didn't I think of that, a fool I have been.

The dragon within me is really my friend.

That's why I am here to help your through.

For I am your soul; the enemy is you.

Such relief I felt, my mind at ease.

The dragon's my friend, I am most pleased.

The pain within can be eased a lot

Mind over matter; who would have thought.

Mr Dragon I thank you, what a help you've been.

To think I almost hurt you; again he just grinned.

One question I have before you must go.

What took you so long to tell me so.

You were struggling for years the time had passed.

A little help you needed, long at last.

Together we are stronger, mightier than one.

I'll help ease the pain until its done.

Remember what I've told you, the flame within.

I'll be waiting there; so do come in.

When you need the strength, inside I'll be.

For I am your friend and will always be.

Together we are strong mightier than one.

For this you must learn, my little one.

Will always be there, so don't you worry.

Its you and me kid and the pain will be sorry!

Now I must go, it's time you see.

Open your soul and make room for me.

Close your eyes; relax you must.

You have my strength along with my trust.

In a blink of an eye, a gentle kiss on my cheek.

Within he did leap.... ever so deep.

So strong I felt, such warmth inside.

My special dragon within me he hides.

Strength in numbers within he lies..

Knock on his door, he'll open his eyes.

Deep in your self a dragon resides.

The power within, it's no big surprise.

Moral of the story tis plain you see.

The dragon I fought was only me.

Separate yourself; become as two.

For the mighty dragon is you.

photograph and poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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