She Cried Out ~

I am tired.

I am wore out.

I am weak ~therefore the cracks are.

Knowing, I know ~ he waits with gleaming smile.

Tis the hour for slither of entrance.

Ever so quiet for he knows the route;

the one that remains open which should have stayed closed.

The sharpness of the teeth are; embedded with severe recourse.

A sharp tongue shows no mercy;

but yet I want mercy from.

But Lord?

" O my child, there are no buts.

What I give to you; you are to give to others.

Can't you see? You know; you truly do.

My word is for all, no exceptions with limitations given;

For if you limit? then you are limiting me

and I am a God with no limits ~ Remember?"

Yes ~ as I bow my head in shame.

Please forgive me my Lord, I do know better.

writing and photograph copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 3/4/02 - 2010

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