~ September 11, 2001 ~

below is a copy of the email I sent out from my work computer.

Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 1:06 PM

Subject: to all of you today ~

I will send this email before we might lose power. Camp David was hit *, which is close to our home. Another plane went down near Sommerset, PA... I sense that there will be more attempts and I wanted you all to know how much I love each and every single one of you.

And ones who have not accepted Jesus as their savior, please do so now, for there is time.

I have total inner peace that my Lord will take care of me and each and every single one of you who have accepted Jesus, for with Him there is no death, sorrow, pain or destruction, only eternal life.

Praise His glorious name ~

To help you understand our God.

~ Gods' Presence ~

In His name we live, love and have eternal life, Linda

* for three hours it was broadcast over several radio stations in our area that a plane had went down near Camp David


Now a copy of the email sent to a dear friend the following day after she responded to my above message.

I had heard all morning the day of, that a plane crashed near Camp David then nothing has been reported since.

If it was a huge plane, then I would have certainly felt the crash and saw the flames, but I saw no smoke.

Susan, the wildlife here on the mountain were in hiding, no birds did I hear singing all morning, and actually didn't see any in the afternoon. Amazing how the wildlife knew and withdrew into hiding from.

I have made a vow to my Lord , with my very last breathe I will bring others to Him, thus my not truly knowing if any more attacks on this area were forth coming and I knew the email I sent was needed for several I had sent it to.

The email was for Christians and non believers alike, no time to send separate ones for we were told to close down our work computers ( I am a telecommuter) and I of course didn't know if the phone lines would go dead or not.

We live in restricted air space being so close to Camp David AND the underground pentigon.

For about 4 hrs I could not dial long distance but I was able to place local calls; any long distance call I tried to place it was if the phone lines were dead.

It was really strange, for two of my phones had no dial tone but I was able to use one of my portable ones.

I talked to my mother later on in the day and she said her phones did the same thing, for she lives on the other side of Pittsburgh.

To share with you some of my day will amaze and bless you. In and around all the destruction going on, God lead many to me re phone calls . Non believers calling who were scared, believers who wanted to touch base with other Christians.

I was on the phone from 11 AM to 2 PM with a christain friend of mine. We shared and prayed the whole time as God guided our words.

In the midst of one of our prayers a jet was flying over my house. I stepped outside with the phone in my hand (this was after the 4th plane had crashed) then God spoke to my spirit immediately and said, " pray for their safety and to keep the plane within the sky , let no harm come to any of them.

It probaby was one of the last ones landing into Dulles from this direciton and Praise God they landed safe for He gave me total inner peace after praying.

Soon after the plane went over, two military helicopters were flying over in this direction. One turned and went towards Camp David the other one came right towards my house, extremely low.

God again spoke to my spirit and I was to raise my hand high into the air and give the pilot the hand sign for love.

I know without any doubt the pilot saw my hand for after flying over the first time, he then circled and came back.

Praise God for guiding; how extremely humble I felt for Him using me as a vessel to show the ones in the helicopter they were loved. And I know God touched them and gave them the inner peace with strength needed to continue on their mission.

All day long my phone kept ringing with family and friends calling. I did what I truly felt I was guided to. Shared God with them all in the boldness only Christ can give.

The phone kept ringing into the evening, then I believe it was after 10:30 PM the phone calls stopped.

I had been lead to post many scriptures on our FMS message board and I know many nonbelievers are seeking God there. Hallelujah!

Point being Susan ~ if one keeps themselves totally open to God guiding, look at what He can accomplish through you.

You know God doesn't need us to accomplish anything, but He wants us to depend totally on Him and see how He blesses us from. Glory to our Father in Heaven, our creator; through Him NOTHING is impossible.

A poem I wrote almost two years ago... amazing how God placed those particular words PLUS how I was to post it on the internet yesterday. Thank You Lord for Your love with guidance.

~ Plainly Seen ~

Storms brewing ~ tensions high.

Mask of darkness in the sky.

Layers of~ centuries therein.

Transit ongoing; needed relief.

Slice away one by one.

The middle of always ablaze.

Doesn't have to be but is...

Loss of spiritual belief.

Deep inside the core is.

The key still fits unlock the door.

Our Father's inside ~ His spirit waits.

Rejoice with His loving grace~

Talk with Him; listen He does.

Grandness of unconditional love.

Walk with Him humbled servants are we.

The King is coming, and ready we'll be.

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

~ Plainly Seen ~

May today you find inner peace in knowing God has it all covered and do know that all the tears shed within the past few days from us come no where near what God has shed for ALL His children ~

God bless you and yours with His love I send ~


September 13, 2001 10:09 AM

writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2001

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