See ~ See ~ See ~ See ~ See ~

Yes Lord , I see ~ there's power in the blood

See ~ what is.

See ~ what will be.

See what was.

See what awaits ~

Look back in only that you've come this far.

Look at today for all it is.

Look towards the future, which is always tomorrow

As we look inside and give praise for .

The beginning ~ The I Am and The Always was.

God, Lord, Creator of all ~ Master of the Universe.

Enhale ~ therefore He is.

Exhale; therefore He goes.

Cleansing with knowing; absorbing with delight.

Passing on as His light; clinging to just long enough;

then spreading His word some more and more and more.

"See" He says, what I am, made, and do give.

"Accept" He says, with My authority given.

writing and photograph copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 02/07/02

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