I dedicate this poem to Dreamie, a very dear friend of mine.

Up until her death (even with all her health problems) she continued her care giving with sexually abused children and adults.

"Dreamie my friend, I really miss you.. but the lives you touched with your special "gift" of unconditional love and gentle support, will live forever in their hearts and mine."

( Dreamie ~ save me seat on the swing, the one that has no limits or boundaries)

~ The Safe Zone ~

Past a mirror I go an image I see.

So many hurts lookin' back at me.

My eyes don't sparkle, only stare.

Welcome to my world but please beware.

What I have been through you can't even imagine.

Your worst nightmare, I'm put to the test.

Stripped of my pride in so many ways.

How to explain that I have to stay.

Where I have been or where I will be.

No choices do I have, I just have me.

Rules don't apply, my world is not safe.

The only world I know of has such hate.

Lost is my soul, buried deep inside.

Too afraid to show it, it's so easy to hide.

My soul is mine, something you can't control.

Only if I let it, does it come out of its hole.

Fear is my life day in and day out.

Won't somebody please help me, I just want to shout!

I don't understand why they do this to me.

Am I that bad; just tell me please.

I hide from within my soul truly scared.

For if it showed, it would be bare.

Stripped of my identity so long ago,

The whys are too many where did I go.

Hang tough if you can for help's on its way.

Your soul is worth saving, you have today.

Get through it you will with your head held up high.

Your soul within, WILL survive.

Don't lose hope, there are people who care.

Reach way deep inside your strength is there.

Do what you have to until help arrives.

You're stronger than you think you must survive.

When your world is crashing and blown all apart.

Think of these words and take them to heart.

You were given life and special you are.

Don't give into temptation, you've come this far.

Be what you can, only show what you want.

For you have control of your very own heart.

No one can reach it for within it lies.

In your safe zone; you can hide.

Away from the world and all of the pain.

You'll have your safe zone so you can maintain.

A secret it is and no one will know.

A place within; you call home.

The soul you were given is yours to keep.

No one can hurt it, it's way too deep.

In your safe zone, safe you'll be.

But when the time is right, please share with me ~

photograph and poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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