~ Remembering... What Once Was

When life was easy and the days were endless.

The world was my play ground I was the best.

Imagination on overtime, me with no limits.

Each day a new adventure not once did I sit.

Many things to do, many things I did.

Explored all that was, so felt like a kid.

Endless energy I had day in and day out.

Turn back the time I so want to shout.

My worlds much smaller, many limits I have.

Most days are so hard, sometimes I Ďm just sad.

Limitations are many and adjustments Iíll make.

Rethink my strategy for my very own sake.

I still have my goals but changed they are.

Back to the simple days Iíve progressed thus far.

To when things were easy and time stood still.

Iíve modified my plans and recaptured the hill.

Friends ~ we must let go with what was and on with what is. Yes, we have challenges but we are still the same person inside. Our soul, the inner workings of who we are, has never changed. The longer you hold on to what was, the less you will enjoy what is LIFE ~ A most special gift we all have been given. Alter what we have, adjustments CAN be made ~ an adventure it is.

Is the cup half full or half empty? Choices we all have.

From the book, "Mister God, this is Anna" ~ draw a circle with many dots inside....each dot is what we are worrying about day in and day out. Remove the dots that we can not change, the worries that we have no control over...issues we canít solve...things we canít purchase...our wants...etc. Replace with ONLY the dots we actually need. Less dots taking up space...less thoughts to worry about.

Now isnít that better; a life that can be more manageable. Simplify, it can be done ~

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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