~ The Pit ~

O my Lord, the pit is deep and the width claims its victims; depth with no end in constant motion as the world watches with little or no response from. An appearance of slithering quiet but with rapid gain. False security as each second passes. My God, why can't they see? When will they believe, accept the truth as written? Even after all was recorded, they still do not take heed.

A cry for help from the unknown, seeking relief but not understanding? Looking elsewhere, blaming with ridiculous excuses, a spread of rumors with constant flow from nonbelievers whom satan has taken great delight in fooling. Yes, eat the forbidden apple it will not harm you.

Does history not repeat itself Lord with severity of recourse? Yes, history repeats itself then sky rockets with uncontrolled chaois. You spoke Your words my Lord, recorded with the precise penmenship given. No altering whatsoever, the facts as they were to be, repeated with intensity of knowing.

Then why Lord do they not listen? The history from day one; the what, ifs which includes the buts; love your neighbor as you love yourself, 'but' if you do not here is what will happen.

The same echo of words spreads across the land but its too late for they have had their chance.

writing and photograph copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 6/25/01

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