~ On The Edge ~

A cliff I see, on the edge am I.

One small move then its goodbye

Who will catch me, who will care.

What's to become of me; do I care.

On the edge again I know it well.

A worn path I have but what the hell.

Been there before and again for sure.

The same old path for there is no cure.

My thoughts are scary and they frighten me so.

Must get a grip its time to go.

So close to giving up, too tired to fight.

What's to become of me no end in sight.

To take the step for heaven bound

A decision to make when I am down

My thoughts are whirling too fast it seems.

Please listen God, relief I need.

The edge is scary, so alone I feel.

Too tired to think and too tired to cry.

Confused and scared my daily mate.

It's time dear lord, please open the gate.

I close my eyes I see the light.

No pain have I, heaven I am.

Such inner peace home I am.

Only in my mind ...I am.

God holds me tight much love I feel.

What you have heard is so real.

A place like no other heaven for sure.

Its truly a miracle, I'm finally cured!

God touches my face with tears in his eyes.

Understand he does knows all the whys.

Relief I feel, such comfort he gives.

Don't worry my child, its your turn to live.

Many tasks you have so much more to do.

You must return for you are not through

Many people love you, help them you must.

So many loved ones, it's you they trust.

With sadden heart I know he's right

My time will come another night.

Many things to do before my time.

God and I side by side.

Escape I did God and I.

But its time I bid him good bye.

My little heaven, peace within.

It's easy you see just talk to him.

He restored my energy and held my soul.

I was too tired and God knew so.

Ask him you see, for he is there.

Always with love and so much care.

He'll catch you when you fall and hold you tight.

Let you heal from within all through the night.

Release he will, when you have healed.

For you all know ~ it's God's will.

poem and photograph copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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