Imagine a flute playing the song Amazing Grace, this is from whence this vision came from.

God keeps placing this page within my spirit to listen ~listen with spiritual insight He says...

As a young Native American woman is standing high upon the mountain, the flute she is playing portrays what is ~ the words spoken are below; they drift down and flow through the valley ~

See that I am showing ~ see that I Am. See all I have given.

See the words as given ~ ~ ~ O such a deep sense of yearning within; 'see as my heart is speaking' she says as God provides.

Hear me singing within my spirit as the music is coming from the flute she says ~

I see stars, mountains and trees racing by as in watching centuries pass before me.


I hear fluttering of wings surround, I see the doves; my spirit is not content unless it is free to explore ; explore what God is giving ~

I see a gate I am walking through, a gate here on earth which opens the gates of spiritual knowledge

A white house I see as I walk the path up to... the path is white, the entrance is white; black shutters I see.

The front door opens 'towards' me ~ as my hand extends to open I see Jesus at the door ~ O my Lord, my Jesus I cry out.

'Come He says', as my eyes fill with tears of joy,' let me show you the inside of the house.

A livingroom to the right, wooden stairs leading straight up from the front door, kitchen in the back right, dining room beside , and a television room in the front left section of the house.

'This is where you shall be', says Jesus.

I see no one around but Jesus and I as He is speakings these words, 'each room is yours, each room I have anointed,each room is a place for healing.

Then Jesus leaves after hugging me ~ He has spoken to my spirit and my spirit understands.

~ ~ ~

I see many woman walking up the sidewalk and they have come for prayers/healing and anointing; I open the door and welcome them with tears of my own.

Many have come great distances then I see Ruth ~ she is the first one walking in the door.

Others I see within my spirit but not coming; ones I know of, I shall pray that they will come as God is directing them to.

I now see two woman I know very well; before they enter the house I place the blood of Christ over them.

I see many faces I have ministered to; many whom were to come , but have not... Lord I give them to You.

The house is of God and whom shall enter shall be saved; once entering the power of God with His love will come upon them, they will not want to leave but will leave with new found faith; faith they have dreamed of, faith they will pursue with all the glory to God.

The Holy Spirit I see in spirit form ( likened to a whisp of white mist) racing through the house, everyone there is 'slain' in the spirit, many are speaking in tongues.

Oh Praise God...

And she speaks as the flute keeps playing, direct my spirit with this vision Lord for You know the desires of my heart ~ let it be so as I claim it.

She knows God has plans for her and she shall wait upon eagles wings as Your word speaks of and she shall trust in the Lord with all her heart.

I shall continue to prepare for that day, Lord, equip me further in Your word so that it flows as needed with precise wording as Your word is, let no humaness interfere only that is of You my Lord.

Lord, forgive the ones who do not know as they stay away from; it leaves my heart unsettled Lord; I must lay it at the foot of the cross and keep it there, it is not I that they stay clear of, it is You my Lord and that does break my heart in to for they are missing what they so need, Your love; help me reach them Lord as I remind You Lord with words that are Yours, we are to A.S.K ~ she says, 'I have' and will continue to Lord with all of me knowing. I shall be a beacon of light that shines upon this valley as never before I shall serve You until my last breathe...

I am Yours Lord; mold me and make me in the likeness of Jesus; rid me of anything and everything that is not of You.

Lord the many visions given speak of things to come; written thousands of years ago, the world sees and still does nothing; such deep sorrow the nation is in but You Jesus have already won the battle; we must reach as many as we can as quickly as possible equip us precious Lord sings out the flute in notes with words attached; equip us.

Lord, we lift our husbands, parents, our children, grandchild, great grandchild, our friends and most certainly your enemies; we lift them up in prayer, don't harden their hearts yet precious Lord I beg of thee, not yet.

I place the blood of Christ over them all with all authority given; empowered by the Holy Spirit.

I now see the flute being played on the mountain top again as people start to gather below in the valley and listen, many bow their heads, many sway as the music floats across the valley ~ some fall down as the presense of God washes over them; Oh the mass of people swaying the same way, one side to the other ~

The time period, back when for I see people with hooded shephard clothing, people of the desert

Spiritual insight? Circle of completition with "MY' people saith the Lord for all shall bow down and worship me,all shall hear the 'same' music played all shall know that I am God.

The whole ground is blanketed with the Holy Spirit for I see the blanket falling upon them; the mist with knowing what it is.

I see it touching all their heads then totally covering their entire bodies and then goes underneath their feet; consuming as only Gods protection is.

Knowledge, insight, healing takes place within them,they know for they know, God is.

See ~ see ~ see saith The LORD; I have spoke of, I have had man record, now its to be as I have spoken of.

My word is, was and always will be precise ;never waivering.

What I am, I have always been,The Creator; The beginning and the end ~ therefore I Am.

I now see Jesus standing on the mountain top; arms open wide welcoming HIS people' the ones whom have accepted Him; ' come He says, let us worship our Father' ~ come, let me show You Heaven; the one I have spoke of, the one that waits, c o m e ~ it is ready.

Then Gods presences shines down from Heaven and 'they' are drawn up in the cloud.

Heaven awaits as they rejoice in knowing, such smiles with tears of happiness streaming down their faces, hands raised in Glory.

Now, no one left on earth that believes. darkness sets in and it is written what occurs from there.

I am done, saith the Lord. Tis done and the flute plays for ones who hear ~ for the ones who hear shall reap the treasures of Heaven.

And the words of the flute ring out with clarity, 'I once was blind ~ but now I see'.

See the valleys deep with mist ~ the beginning of a anew birth, a birth of a life with no end.

Glory to You my Lord, My Master, My Creator; as Your word has been given, I have spoken of with the insight given. In Your most precious name; Jesus I thank You.



I am the one who plays the flute, the one who stands alone she says as she repeats His words with conviction;

"My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved. IN God is my salvation and my glory; the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God...Psalm 62:5-7...NKJV (isolated with the truth) "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed"

John 8:32, 36 NKJV

~ ~ ~

Wings in flight my soul shall be

Steadfast with knowing my God loves me.

All the glory to You My LORD

writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 8/13/02

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