I want to share a true story that happened to me in the month of September.

I have a computer/spare bedroom I use most evenings and I have been noticing some noises coming from the ceiling every single evening .

I would look all around, but found nothing. Then one evening my eyes were drawned towards this huge bubble( the size of my fist) in the drywall ceiling. That was where the chewing/scratching sound came from. I talked to my husband about it and said we would keep an eye on it.

Well, three days late it tripled in size and I asked him to please go into the attic and see what it is.

It sounded like a squirrel digging ( I wasn't going to let my mind go anywhere else) plus I also didn't want 'whatever' it was to fall down through the drywall and pay me an unwanted visit.

My husband climbed up into the attic early Sunday morning (which I heard from the bed as I was still resting in ) then clump clump bump!!! I then heard him come quickly down the hallway and he opened the bedroom door with his eyes wide opened.

He said, 'do you want to know what is making all that noise'? well by the look on his face with his eyes as big as moons, I truly didn't want to but bravely said yes.

He said as he raised one part of the insulation above the computer room, thousands upon thousands of yellow jackets came out (thank You Jesus he was not stung once).

Today my husband called around to get quotes from different exterminators and found one to his liking. The same company he uses at his work (he is an engineer/in charge of 100,000 sq foot building inside and out of the workings of ; everything that pertains to the functioning of the building equipment, etc..

The only reason I am telling you this, he is very particular which companies he uses for the building and being that I am allergic to bees and having seven auto immune diseases etc, chemical sensitive, that is why he picked that particular company.

The company showed up within one hour of calling , the service young man's name was Brent. A very nice gentle man.

Brent took me outside to show me right before he went to work on them. Bees were going in at one per second near the roof line of the house, so imagine how big that nest is! They chewed a hole into the side of the house above the gutters. Gosh, wish I had teeth that tough! :<)

Okay, as Paul Harvey used to say ~ now here is the rest of the story.

As Brent was writing up the bill we were chatting about this and that(as God was speaking to my heart) then Brent said his brother Brandon who just got out of Marine boot came and was getting settled into camp and on Wed of last week his sergeant said, 'how would you boys like to go to Iraq next week"?

A complete shock to the boys/men and their families.

Brent said there whole family stopped everything and drove down to spend as much time with Brandon as they could, then they arrived back home midnight last night.

I had several mugs from my business with different photos sitting on the counter , some postcards which I had just moved from another place into the kitchen. That is when God showed me His plan. Brent said his mother is really taking it hard, so I told Brent, 'see this mug? it is a photograph of an angel, please give to your mother and tell her that God is sending that particular angel to watch over Brandon.

Then one thing lead to another and he told me he had 3 brothers.

Brandon, Brent, Bradley, Brian.

Bradley was my late husbands name and is my grandsons name; Brian is my sons' name. Brents' mothers name is Susan, we live on Susans' trail.

God then had me give him several other items for his parents from my business, etc .

Brent said, 'you know, I was suppose to be here, and I said yes, God is good and sometimes works in mysterious ways.

The gifts were not from me, they were from God and the blessings to that family will be wonderful just because some 'bee's invaded our attic.

So ~ one never knows when God will 'buzz' down with a mission, but believe you me (one of my mothers favorite sayings) He is always there watching and wanting to bless each and every single one of us and to use us to bless others.

As the words written down thousands of years ago in the Bible, God is constantly searching the earth for people He can use; be that someone who CAN serve God will all your heart, live Your life for Him and the blessings will pour over and your cup will over flow with blessings for you as the cycle of love continues through our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ.

Please don't let any opportunity pass you by where you can spread Gods' kindness, blessings with an abundance of His love.

Thank You God for the blessings you gave to Brent and His family today.

In Jesus name always.



Please pray for Brandon and ALL the soldiers overseas....lets see how far this story travels through the internet and may it be sent around the world.

As God is, therefore His love circles the earth a zillion zillion times.


photograph and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun September 2004

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