~ My World ~

You wake up each day to spasms galore.

You crawl out of bed, now wait there's more.

Your body's so stiff, no joints will they move.

My head is spinning and so is the room.

Many hurdles to complete, its time to move on.

Ever so slowly to greet the dawn

Clear the bathroom quick, make room for me.

On the" kingdom" I must sit, so hurry please.

What clothes to wear; maybe a hat.

No buttons or snaps, no patience for that.

To work I must go, for appointments I have.

Now where are my notes, so silly I am.

My boss doesn't understand how confused I get.

I really don't blame him, he just forgets.

Found the notes in the refrigerator, the shoes under the bed.

What was I thinking, where is my head.

My co-workers are many, so many demands.

Gez ...where is my purse?.. it was just in my hand.

A memory lapse, on the counter it be.

But the meetings at nine, no time to retreive.

Five projects now due and I am so beat.

But hunger sets in, I really must eat.

I so want to be normal, and no longer sad.

But I will continue the best way I can~

Exhausting isn't it..... I kid you not.

Walk a mile in my shoes, it ain't so hot.

Under the bed, or in the frig..

Such an adventure; it never ends ~

poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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