My Angel

I have had many angels in my life time ( as I believe we all have) someone who surpasses with love and assistance, but this 'angel' of a friend stands out the most. Someone who listened while God guided with direction; a messenger from Him.

A few years ago I was spiritually lost, searching for answers that I didn't know where to find. I had been diagnosed with 6 auto immune diseases, my life was turned upside down, second marriage, many deaths, loss of all friends, being confined to my house for almost a year plus working full time out of my home, and being misguided, etc. You name it, I lived through it but a most difficult time I had for I didn't 'know' with understanding how precious our Lord was and how Jesus would give me the strength, wisdom, courage to face each challenge with His love and 'win' regardless.

When all my friends whom lived close by abandoned me, I was lost for awhile mourning 'me' plus the loss of my old life. Then to think someone who lives half way across the United States from me (took with faith)the step in helping me, as God alerted her that I was in need of someone, as she was picked to be my angel. She obeyed and I was so blessed by. Praise our God!

What makes Mz Linda stand out the most? In a world of mistrust and corruption, she opened her heart to me; a stranger. She loved me like a sister but more as a lost child.

She gave me her phone number and later on shared her home with me when I was so blessed in visiting. The only communication in the beginning were posted messages on a health forum. Then later on through email, then with trust, phone calls.

My dearest friend Mz Linda and I shared many emails and phone calls. She would listen, then share what she was to. Then followed up with an email so I was able to keep 'records' of and go back time after time to read and absorb for (many of you know with health challenges) it takes a bit longer some days to read and comprehend plus retain.

She helped equip me with the tools needed for survival; survival as God planned.

Where did the 'tools' come from? The Bible ~ A lovely Christian spirit filled woman, my friend Mz Linda helped me in so many ways and still does. She was placed in my life the precise time I needed but God's timing is always perfect.

"For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper"...Psalms 73:12.

Thank You Mz Linda for being that someone who did make a difference and saved me from myself while I pass on all that you have taught me "Love thy neighbor" even ones who do not live close by for all Gods' children are our neighbors.

Yes ~ angels come right when you need them. Be it someone close by or half way across the United States, God will always send them. Thank You Lord for sending me my angel, Mz Linda ~

When you explore this web site please remember and pray for Mz Linda for each word written is because she took the time needed regardles of how ill she was that day (for she suffers from many different health challenges herself)that yes ,'one can't do what many can', but look what has come about from just 'one' person reaching out to help another.

Glory to our God; with blessings upon blessings my Lord I ask for Mz Linda. In Jesus name it shall be done and in Jesus' name I thank You My Lord.

From my heart to you dearest friend ~ thank you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2001

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