Paul had a thorn that the Lord would not remove, for the thorn left intact would bring more glory to God saith the Lord.

We are also not told what that thorn was, but God was given glory after glory a zillion times over because of.

Some have no thorns, others have many but its up to us with what we do while having them.

We accept what we know, respect who has given, and give praise for what we know is only temporary.


My Eyes Have Seen

My eyes have seen how deep the thorns,

as they push deeper day after day.

Do I speak of the pain as Paul did?

Or do I graciously thank God for?

If not for the thorns, would God be within ~

for the thorn was my eye opener that lies within.

My spirit rejoices through all of the pain

because He has given me the power to gain.

Power to pray from high above

as He has given the power of love.

To love is to give; to give is to heal.

To heal is to give; to give is to love.

The gift of love does live within,

the thorns are there because of Him.

If He takes them or if He doesn't,

I will always give Him glory

because He is my King.


All the glory to God ~

photograph and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 12/13/04

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