~ The Magical Hallway ~

When life gets you down and your emotions are whirling

Please take my hand and I will walk you through.

Been there before; have found what works.

Trust me you can; now give me your hand.

Down a hallway we'll go with doors on each side.

These doors hold your emotions, one at a time.

The first door may be anger; we'll open with care.

Now explore all your emotions that deal with this door.

I am angry because my family doesn't care,

I am angry because my old life is gone.

Whatever you feel just let it all out.

For there are no rules behind those doors.

When all said and done and your anger has passed.

You may close the first door; a bit lighter you'll see.

Now comes door two. Which emotion is it?

That's something only you can decide.

When your emotions are plenty, and your at wit's end.

Please picture my hallway with its many doors.

Take one at a time. It's easier that way.

The magical hallway, quite simple you'll see.

poem copyrighted@Linda Calhoun/2000

The idea for this poem was given to me by our precious Lord over ten years ago after my first husband died. My children were at a loss as to how to deal with their fathers' death, how to work through it all plus confused with the many emotions swirling around in their heads. Praise God, the words provided at the precise time needed. Something my children could understand and use daily.

The hallway photograph? Thank you my dear friend Mz Linda. Years of searching for the right 'hallway', I find the perfect (filled with love and understanding) within your own home I was so blessed to visit.

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poem and photograph copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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