Just Ask

Just Ask

I saw an angel today resting on a cloud.

Gentle of stature she didnít make a sound.

Warmth of His spirit, but sadness in my eyes.

Troubled was my heart. Just had to ask her why.

"Why my precious angel, please help me understand."

"Many things to learn, so inadequate do I feel."

Then my lip did quiver immediately followed by tears.

In an instant, beside me there she was.

Arms of great comfort she held me while I cried.

Now you must not worry; some answers I can tell.

She spoke of His great power, the love He has for all.

"You must trust in all He does and never question why.

Scriptures that were written, lessons to be taught.

Spread his loving word through actions of your own.

Many special missions, a gift He has for all.

Never take it lightly; a special gift it is.

You must always ask for help; always He will give.

Guidelines you will be given; ask and He will tell.

Now donít upset yourself, yes ~ many things to learn."

But continue with your faith and God will walk you through."

With her final words, His warmth consumed my soul.

Reassurance of His love, my angel knew would come.

My special angel, back to the clouds she went.

Thank you Heavenly Father, no longer will I hurt.

What was and will always be, through our precious Lord.

We are, but through Him.

Ask; and he will guide.

photograph and poem copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000

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