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My writings thus far recorded are some of what I have experienced in my life.

I am a survivor of sexual abuse as a child. In and around the 'hush' of society I told no one for a victim I was. I was threatened with; who would listen or believe and I would be punished more if I spoke of this to anyone.

Years of keeping it to myself but working through, I came to terms with; it was NOT my fault.

As an adult with a beautiful life ahead of me with my first husband and two children, my world was shattered, my husband was dignosed with colon cancer in the spring of 1990, then died in the fall.

Two years later my sons best friend was killed in an accident, nine months later my nephew was kidnapped then murdered. Then within months , four close friends died from illnesses.

Late one night I started writing my thoughts down, struggling with having lost so many loved ones, friends who couldn't understand, and were actually thinking they would be jinxed if they came too close to me for the 'bad' luck, which some called, would rub off.

My health declined rapidly after. I was dignosed with two kinds of arthritis, Sjogrens Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Raynaud Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Mini strokes, both eyes operated on with artifical lens implanted; now heart problems and seizures of some sorts but by the Almighty Grace and Power of GOD, I am still blessed in working full time out of my home.

I have also been blessed in remarrying to a wonderful, loving and sweet sweet man in 1996 who does understand and helps me through it all with continued support who has an endless supply of love. Thank You Jesus for this precious man.

So yes ~ my writings are very deep and emotions were whirling, but you can see my growth not only "within", but with spiritual understanding of; God is.

~ My Journey Begins ~

Grandmas' Bibs

Puppy Love


What Happened That Day

My Pony

Just for Me

Emotions Thoughts And Fears

The Safe Zone

My Special Friend

Alone I Am

Who Am I

You Asked Why

You Are Safe

Our Daughter

Our Son

Two Special Kids

Hidden Tears

Yes I Am

What If

My World

On The Edge

Not Quite

Strength From Within

It Must Be A Dream

Remembering What Once Was

It's Possible

My Angel

Colors Changes and You

Plainly Seen

Emotional Cycles

A FMily House

Another Step

Start To Finish

Easter Memories

Christmas Eve

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All writings/poems/photographs are copyrighted @ Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000/2004 and only with written permission can be used . Sharing of is permitted, but not for profit or gain.

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