I see that which is.

I do what has been done.

I walk the path

I see the light

I know of whom

Is my greatest delight.

His path I follow,

around the curves

bent with destruction,

the way opens up.

View that is and

retake nothing that is to be.

Fold in prayer as His hands close over.

Speak the 'what is' like never before.

For indeed ~ the end is near.

Do not doubt what He has given

or it will not come to be.

I do give as you have received.

"My child ~ you have seen;

claim it with knowing

from whence it came.

Stop the demons

with words from 'Me'

Your Creator, and Master,

The Great I Am ~ Jehovah".

photograph and writing copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 4/30/02

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