~ The Great Inventor ~

If one really stops and ponders the numerous creations, the inventions we have seen in our life time, the ones before we were born, and the ones that will be invented after we are long gone ~ ALL have been created the exact moment God created the earth and man ~

Without seeing, our human spirit receives a spark. When God feels it's time, He ignites the spark; the idea to invent, make greater, and to open up new frontiers. Thus the many creations man has made through Him. But does one see His name on the patent?
Our Precious Lord does hold the patent; rights to all, and the cost was tremendous for Him; for Jesus died on the cross for all man kind; and be it not for that, our life as we know it would not be.

We are amazed how quickly the world has opened up with the invention of computers and internet access. Well ~ God was the first computer. The most powerful computer ever. He has an endless, and I mean an endless supply of knowledge. The biggest hard drive ever created and all the knowledge one needs right there at our finger tips.

Instead of booting up the computer one only has to bow and pray for the knowledge to be instilled.

One's hard drive will only crash if one does not walk in the light. Young people, fresh out of high school and college become confused, scared as to what lies ahead for them. As I continue to tell my children and many of their friends there is a big wonderful world waiting just for them. God has a plan with your name on it. Do not be afraid for He will walk you through and carry you when you fumble.

Reach inside, follow the instinct God has put there and ya know ~ maybe your name just might be on a patent someday right along with God's invisible signature.

But remember this always ~ be it not for God, inventions would not be. Numerous inventions await the next generation. The spark is there already in place waiting. Inventions that are to be built or ones that are already here make a difference in your life with what God has instilled in your heart. All else will fall into place.

Not important as to the inventions but how they are used through Him ~ the great inventor of all times~

writing and photograph copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 2000 - 2010

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