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Today started out with an overcast sky, our Heavenly Father mourning the loss of far too many who were not saved; His tears were felt throughout all the land but many not knowing, thus anger came forth from.

Then the sky turned blue as the blanket of gray cloud cover gently broke up thus passing the command from mourning to light. The light shines for ones who will reach out, with knowing, the sun did portray, no dark cloud nor thought will keep one in darkness unless they permit it.

Ask, seek, find,humble... humble...humble...accept for God does love you and has 'not' forsaken any of His children ( thoughts that He has placed in my spirit with urgency)

The white images in the clouds today of happy faces. I noticed two in particular as they were holding hands as they faced each other in sheer delight. Passing from this life to the next with no fear, for they knew where they were going. I could see and feel the spiritual excitement they had with anticipation in seeing God in all His glory with Jesus welcoming them.

O Lord ~ how precious , two children holding hands; love with knowing just poured from their spirits. I could almost hear the giggles coming from ~

"Do not cry for I am not here , I am where I am to be. I can not tell you but you have been told all that you need to know. Wait upon the Lord with gladness in your heart for He indeed is waiting to welcome you ~


Thank You my Heavenly Father for the visions with vivid images portraying the goodness through all the horror that we have witnessed within the past week. You love us more than we could ever possibly understand with forgiveness as only You can give.

O Lord, thank You for not forsaking us as we will continue to build Your army of soldiers one by one, leading all we can to You; for Your words spoken to me not that long ago; "One can't do what many can, but one can when others won't"... such a powerful statement Lord that is showing itself truer as each day passes.

Your soldiers have proclaimed their boldness through Jesus Christ our Lord , Glory be Your name as You WILL reclaim Your Kingdome as all will finally know with understanding that You are The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost; The beginning and the end.

Indeed, "what a friend we have in Jesus"...because of Him, we live and CAN face tomorrow.

Thank You Lord in all that You are, do, and will continue to do for Your children.

In Jesus' name we live, give thanks and have eternal life.


writing and photograph copyrighted@Linda Elaine Calhoun 9/18/2001

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